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When seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher made a comeback to the sport last year, everyone was excited to see how this ‘old man’ fares in today’s Formula One. 

Michael-Schumacher2By the time the season got round to Singapore in September, it was quite clear that he wasn’t adapting well.


Stilll, that doesn’t change the fact that he won the World Championship SEVEN freaking times. As much as he’s not in podium-fighting position, he still had his days of glory.


Yeah some of you might say he’s better off not driving anymore but hey, if the man is still in demand and people are still willing to pay for him to drive, why not? As long as he can accept that he’s not in a position to fight for the Championship title.. unless Mercedes GP comes up with a car quick or quicker than the Red Bulls.


So… last year he made no public appearance in Singapore, letting his team-mate Nico Rosberg do all the hi-hi sponsor commitment shit. 


This year however, surprise surprise, Schumi the man himself made his first public appearance in Singapore!


It was just a quick hello-i’m-michael-schumacher-and-please-continue-to-support-me thingamajig, but it was reason enough for 300 fans to turn up at Paragon and wait for him to arrive.

310194_266075683426676_131620790205500_835429_1575186380_nTo be honest I was expecting a much larger crowd, especially since this was advertised in the main papers… 300 people was less than what I expected!


The invite said 4.30pm but I was there from 3.45pm as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a good spot (*kiasu*). In the end, Schumi only turned up at 5pm! 


The crowd didn’t seem to mind and roared at his presence, while he briefly answered no more than five questions from the emcee Glenn Ong. (see my video here)


These questions were pre-planned and no questions from the media/public were allowed. I bet everyone’s dying to ask him what made him decide to come back, how long more will he drive to and why is he even back!

296255_266075766760001_131620790205500_835432_283283987_nHe was all smiles, waving to the crowds and being… nice.

307423_266075810093330_131620790205500_835433_1363757514_nThen he was about to make his exit (yes as quickly as that!) when he was called back for a photo opportunity with the beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLK on display.

309596_266076080093303_131620790205500_835439_1194988392_n309496_266075873426657_131620790205500_835435_1999511685_n310102_266075850093326_131620790205500_835434_205948832_nAfter that he signed some autographs for the fans and poof! He was off just like that…


While waiting for him to arrive, I overheard someone saying, “He was once the fastest driver in the world, but yet he’s late.” 


Well, let’s cut Schumi some slack shall we? After all, I understand that he drives himself around even when in Singapore… so can you imagine having to deal with the road closures, road blocks and all that for someone unfamiliar with our roads?

310641_266075720093339_131620790205500_835430_1848205659_nAnyway, a huge thank you to Mercedes-Benz for making this happen! I’m sure it wasn’t easy to get him to make an appearance, well done! :)


As for me, I’m still wishing for a chance to do a one-on-one interview with him. It’s a long shot but not impossible..


I see him in the paddock but I get all starstruck when he walks past me and I dare not ask for a photo with him. Ok, if he’s still driving next year, I will pluck my courage up and get that photo with him!!!


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