Weight Loss Diary: Tips for tight abdominals

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Tips for tight abdominals

Although the GLOW BFF Challenge is over, I am still in touch with the girlfriends I met there. We communicate daily via our Whatsapp group chat and I still meet Daphne at the gym as well as Ju-Ann for body combat/pump classes at True Fitness. It’s really nice to have friends who have similar goals as you in terms of fitness and diet, as it helps to keep you on track.

We have even planned a girlfriend weekend getaway in mid-May! Determined to strut around in bikinis fit or fat, some of us started reading up on how to get our bodies bikini-ready in two months. I found a lot of good content online but this particular link that Daphne shared some Tips for tight abdominals was most useful as I could relate to it:

Top 10 Diet Tips For Tight Abdominals

tight abs

Here are the Tips for tight abdominals

1) Keep watch of your carbohydrate intake. Consume most of your carbs in the mornings and afternoons and stick to vegetables and proteins in the evenings.

2) Choose your carbohydrate sources wisely, everything should be consumed in moderation. Good sourced complex carbs like brown rice sweet potatoes, oatmeal, vegetables, whole grains are preferred choices over processed carbs like corn flakes, pasta, white bread, etc.

3) Have a maximum of one or two servings of fruits a day, no more than that. Fruits contain a sugar called fructose which makes it harder to burn body fat.

4) Avoid all types of processed sugars found in fruits like white sugar, sucrose, corn syrups, soft drinks, etc. These are the main causes of obesity, diabetes and other health problems.

5) Increase your vegetables and fiber intake. Consuming lots of fiber gives you a sensation of fullness and allows you to eat less. Your body also burns more calories during the process of digesting the fiber.

6) Consume more proteins from lean sources like chicken breasts, fish, egg whites, etc. Proteins are metabolic foods and maintains your lean muscles. Consuming a small protein meal every 3 to 4 hours spikes up your metabolism and allows you to shed the fat around your waist faster.

7) Adjust and fluctuate  your daily carbohydrate intake, on some days consume mainly vegetables and proteins and add in more complex carbohydrates on other days. A sample carb rotation plan would be 1 day on protein and vegetables and 2 days with slightly more complex carbohydrates and proteins, repeat. Nothing is written in stone, so adjust the carb rotation according to your goals.

8 ) If you’re already consuming a very low carb and low fat diet, include some essential fats from raw nuts and fatty fish (like salmon). Believe it or not, these essential fats are also key in allowing your body to shed more fat. The extra essential fats will also boost your energy levels.

9) Consume some black coffee (no sugar or cream) prior to exercise. The caffeine in the coffee will increase your heart rate and your metabolism as well. You can also try green tea as a mild stimulant too.

10) The last tip is to get your breakfast in as early as you can, followed by your other small meals until stopping dinner time before 7pm. That way you won’t store any unnecessary calories before you sleep and remain inactive.

Source: http://thegymatorchard.com/blog/?p=792


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