Weight Loss Diary: The Wrong Concepts

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I’ve been leading a healthy lifestyle by:

a) Eating clean
b) Exercising at least 3 times a week
c) Sleeping at least 7 hours a night
d) Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day

Weight loss is a long-term process and I am not hoping for a miracle, but I will keep on eating and working out right.


I just had two main problems that were inhibiting my weight loss progress:

1) Lack of discipline in curbing snacking
While I could eat my meals clean, I had a tendency to keep reaching out for biscuits or sweets between meals. These are actually very bad and although I may not have exceeded a daily calorie intake of 1,200, I was over-loading on carbohydrates and bad fats.

2) Obsession with weighing myself
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had this habit of weighing myself every day. I would weigh myself in the morning after I have ‘unloaded’ myself and also at night before I sleep. Sometimes, I would even weigh myself several times a day. This is actually deemed as a very unhealthy obsession as our weight fluctuates from day to day, depending on our activity. Also, the reason why I was checking my weight so often was because I was cheating on my diet. Hence I wanted to see if the cheating affected my weight. Therein lay another problem – each time I saw that there was a decrease in weight, I would find myself eating more and thus negating the loss. When I saw the weight increase, I would feel demoralised and eat more because I felt like nothing was ever going to work.

The GLOW BFF Challenge has really helped me with these two problems. Firstly, I turned my weighing scale in. It was a pretty huge decision for me and I swear it felt like a breakup. The weighing scale has seemingly been my ‘best friend’ all these years, but it turned out to be my biggest enemy instead! Without the weighing scale, I am now forced to keep to a healthy diet because if I cheat on my diet, I would get a scare the next time I step on the scale.

You know what?

Throwing out the weighing scale actually helps. It has helped me with my discipline and I saw results within three days – my weight dropped 1.2kg and my body fat percentage went down by 0.5%. Isn’t that amazing? I’m more motivated now to keep strictly to my diet.



In the second nutritional workshop that GLOW held for us, we learnt about the wrong concepts of dieting and some of the common fad diets out there that might actually harm you than do you good.

Some Wrong Concepts about Dieting:

1) I occasionally skip meals to starve myself so I can lose fat.

2) I cannot eat meat if I want to lose weight.

3) As long as I eat less, I can eat whatever I want.

4) Who cares what I eat? I can just do a tummy tuck.

5) I can rely on weight loss pills to lose weight.

These are all misconceptions!! The most important thing is to lead a healthy lifestyle, so that you can keep the weight off.

Next, we learnt about fad diets – food-reducing diets that enjoy temporary popularity.

Examples of Fad Diets:

1) Cabbage Soup Diet
A really low-calorie diet with cabbage soup

- high in salt
- be prepared for gas
- lacks good nutrition
- no exercise

2) Atkins Diet
A low-carbohydrate diet

- high fat diet
- high in processed meats and snacks

3) Beverly Hills Diet
Begins with 10 days of sex

- dangerously low in calories
- lacks good nutrition

4) Tapeworm Diet
Involves intentionally introducing a parasite to the digestive system to reduce human caloric intake

- illegal (only available in Mexico for $1,500)
- can be lethal
- weight rebound
- can cause a swollen stomach
- parasite competes for nutrients

While you may get results from these fad diets, these are not sustainable forever and in the long run, may damage your organs. Besides, these are unhealthy methods and the weight bounces back easily.

I’ve not tried any of these fad diets before, but I’ve tried meal replacement plans from Xando, Herbalife and The Cambridge Diet. These meal replacements require a lot of discipline and they don’t work for me because I get really hungry and end up snacking.

Here are some small ways you can make to your diet to increase dietary fibre so you can feel full for a longer period of time:

- swop out white bread for wholemeal bread
- swop out frosted cornflakes for bran flakes
- swop out white rice for brown rice
- swop out flavoured yoghurt for plain yoghurt with fruits
- swop out potato chips for nuts and seeds
- swop out off-the-shelf fruit juices for self-blended fruit juices

Eating healthy requires more effort on your part but just remember that it is all about health and hence, keeping in shape. You can read about other ways to change your diet here.

I have made all these changes to my diet and have been keeping to them quite well, especially after I threw out the weighing scale. Do continue to follow me on my weight loss journey with GLOW!


*All opinions reflected in the post are the bloggers’ own. The contest of this post is not edited by GLOW. GLOW is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The proprietary blend is clinically proven to burn fat and maximise weight loss. All rights reserved.

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