Weight Loss Diary: The beginning of the end with GLOW

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As quickly as it started, the GLOW BFF Challenge has ended. I’ve learnt a lot about diet and nutrition in the past month, and also had possibly the most active month I’ve had in years. I was engaging in several types of physical activity, such as PT sessions, yoga, kickboxing, zumba fitness and jogging.

The best thing about it?

Having girlfriends to do it with you!

It really made the workouts a lot more fun and it also served as a motivation to get moving. The group was pretty big when we started, but as we went along, some fell off the radar due to other commitments. The common few faces however, gelled strong and the friendships made out of sheer perspiration are very valuable.

glow bff challenge last session (6)


We grunted, we groaned, we complained but we overcame the pain and the aches together. Girls being girls, we bonded over conversations of exercise, food, clothes, boys and even s*x.

Although the programme has ended, the friendships remain and also, it is the beginning of a new chapter in my weight loss journey. I may be back on my own, but this time I am armed with a lot more knowledge so I can better tailor my plan. More importantly, I can draw strength from this support group.

Daphne has been the greatest motivation for us all, having lost 10kg since she went on GLOW in December (she was in the pioneer batch of GLOWsters). Her commitment and discipline (now dangerously bordering on obsessions) has been remarkably strong. It’s all about making the lifestyle changes and making the effort to stick to the plan.

glow bff challenge weigh out (2)

Thank you Daphne for all the advice and also for being a great listening ear when I needed someone to talk to, fitness-unrelated.

I am sad that the programme has ended and that we may not be seeing each other as frequently as we were, I’m glad I made this group of new-found friendships. We are all connected by the same goal of wanting that better body. I know we will still keep in touch moving forward and that we will keep encouraging each other to achieve our targets.

Look at us cam-whore on our last official session where we weighed ourselves out of the programme:

glow bff challenge last session (5)

glow bff challenge last session (3)

glow bff challenge last session (2)

glow bff challenge last session (4)

To thank GLOW for bringing us together, I made a photo collage with pictures of us doing each activity. Now they will never forget us because our faces will be in their office all the time!

So, I just want to emphasise that if you are also on some form of weight loss plan, get a friend to join you. It makes things a lot easier!

1) No excuses

Let’s say you lined up a workout for yourself and you suddenly don’t feel like it. That’s easy to back out of. But if you have a friend waiting for you at the park to jog or at the gym, it will help you get moving. Friends will help you to stay motivated and faithful to your fitness regime.

2) That added boost

Somehow, you find yourself pushing yourself that bit more when you are exercising with friends. Some call it the competitive streak in you – where you look over and see your friends not giving up and that makes you go that extra bit. This is also the reason why some enjoy working out with friends who are fitter than them.

3) Fun factor

You swoon over the cute instructor together, laugh at a new exercise technique that makes everyone look awkward, or bitch about how you feel like you’re gonna die and you want to kill the trainer.

4) Time goes quicker

An hour on the treadmill alone and an hour on the treadmill with a girlfriend next to you makes a difference.

5) Different perspective

When you are so caught up in your weight loss progress, you tend to start obsessing unnecessarily over certain things (eg. wanting to exercise everyday). Having friends with you will allow that space of viewing you objectively. They may notice your improvement in strength and endurance, or a slimmer body, which you failed to acknowledge. This helps to boost your self-esteem and keep your motivation levels up.

6) Reason to celebrate

When I saw celebrate the success of your weight loss programme, I don’t mean going to a buffet and stuffing yourself. You can reward yourself with a spa treatment, a new dress, that expensive pair of heels you were eyeing or a holiday. But hey, what’s a holiday without the girlfriends to share the sun and the sea with you!!


Friends, especially those like-minded ones who share the same goals as you, might just be what you need to see progress in your weight loss process.

The month-long GLOW BFF Challenge may have ended but I will continue to write about my weight loss journey. Essentially I am working on doing it the right way, by eating and exercising right. It will take some time to see results, compared to those fad diets or quick fixes, so be patient and join me as I keep learning. I used to try all kinds of quick-fix methods, but each time I succeed, I fail to maintain the success. Where’s the joy in short-lived success? There’s none! Only painful misery after, when the weight bounces back!

I will be writing about fitness soon and how it is incorporated into the weight loss programme. Meanwhile, I will continue to eat clean, train mean, sleep much and GLOW!

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