Weight Loss Diary: Importance of Exercise

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lens15431591_1289818799exercise_posterExercise – this is a word that most people dread, me included. Or at least, I used to.

Sometimes the thought of getting out there for a jog or making a trip down to the gym or yoga studio is a very disgusting thought. But exercise is actually very important! I’m sure we all know that, it’s just that we keep making excuses for ourselves not to do it.

If you force yourself to exercise with the intention of wanting to lose weight, it might frustrate you so change that mindset and instead tell yourself that exercising is gonna improve your health and let you lead a better, possibly longer, life.

Yes, all that pressure from work and home leaves one exhausted with barely any time to sleep, let alone exercise. One day, the digits on the scale shocked the horror out of me and my clothes couldn’t fit me (or should it be I couldn’t fit into my clothes? ok whatever). Then I realised I should just focus on getting my body fitter and healthier.. the looking good part will naturally come on its own!

With that renewed mentality, I found the motivation in me to start exercising regularly and I was even hitting the gym at the hotel on overseas trips. Truth be told – in all my life, I NEVER used to visit hotel gyms. I’ve walked past and sniggered and scoffed at others, but I was actually the foolish one. It’s not that difficult to squeeze just an hour on the treadmill.

What are some of the benefits of exercising?

1. Exercise helps to maintain your weight.

This is probably the most attractive reason to exercise, but like I said, if you keep thinking “I must go and exercise to lose weight” then you will give yourself unnecessary pressure. Rather, tell yourself “I’m going to get healthy and exercise” and the weight loss will naturally follow. Any physical activity burns calories so exercise can be in the form of walking instead of driving to the nearby convenience store or a full workout in the gym.

2. Exercise prevents health conditions and diseases.

Heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol are just some examples of health problems that you don’t want to encounter. Exercising will help to combat these!

3. Exercise boosts mood.

Trust me, you feel good after a workout. All that perspiration pouring out of every single pore of your body gives you this huge sense of satisfaction and that sense of accomplishment carries you through the day on a lighter, happier note.

4. Exercise gives energy.

Exercise improves fitness levels and makes your muscles stronger too. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to go about your daily chores.

5. Exercise gives better sleep.

After a good workout, your body needs rest and regular exercise will help you to fall asleep faster and also sleep deeper. However, be careful not to exercise too close to your bedtime or you might have too much energy.

You can make exercise fun by engaging friends to join you or setting yourself personal goals, like running 3km without stopping then slowly increasing it to 6km, 10km and more. Please don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, but also don’t give yourself terribly easy goals.

You know how strong your mind is, but really your mind is a lot stronger than you think it is. Sometimes my willpower amazes me!

More energy, looking better, sleeping better, being healthy – what excuses are there not to exercise?







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