Weight Loss Diary: GLOW BFF Challenge – The halfway mark

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It’s been two weeks since I embarked on the GLOW BFF Challenge and I thought I would give you a little update.

BFF Logo - Final

I’ve been trying hard to keep to the meal plan that Rachel, GLOW’s in-house nutritionist, planned for me. It’s a very straightforward plan:

GLOW customised diet plan

No, I’m not supposed to eat every single thing in each box, but those are options that I can choose from. It may sound sad having to eat brown rice or only half a palm size of chicken or fish, but I actually do enjoy eating these healthy foods. I managed to stay away from potato chips, chocolates and candies… with much self-discipline. (Ok fine, there were days when I pinched at some gummy bears, but at least I stopped after a few and didn’t polish off the whole tin like I usually can.) Each time I want to reach out for something ‘naughty’, I think of the pain during my workout and I take my hand back. Truth be told, it doesn’t work all the time but I try and there’s at least a 95% success rate!


During the last two weeks, I’ve been working out with my new friends from the GLOW BFF programme. We went through PT sessions, Zumba fitness class and jogging the treacherous hills of Mount Emily! It does take effort to make the trip down to the office and meet before we go for our exercise, but I guess it also serves as a motivation. Somehow exercising with friends makes it less daunting and more fun! We also encourage each other and draw inspiration from one another.

Here are some post-workout shots of us (warning: red faces and perspiring brows):

First PT session on 3 Feb!

First PT session on 3 Feb!

GLOW BFF Challenge - Jogging (1)

Jogging on 4 Feb

PT on 6 Feb

PT on 6 Feb

Zumba class on 7 Feb

Zumba class on 7 Feb

In between these GLOW sessions I’ve also been putting in my own workouts at the gym and some recovery runs (ie. jogging at moderate pace).

You must be thinking that after all the healthy living (I sleep by 11pm and wake up by 7am every single day), I should be dropping the kilos like rainwater from a cloud. We had our second weigh-in last night after PT and unfortunately, there has been no change in my weight. The muscle mass and fat percentage remained exactly the same too! It’s quite demoralising because I’ve been working hard and putting in the effort, but I’m gonna soldier on!

Rachel did say that it might take time for my body to adjust, as it may be confused from all the things I’ve done to my body previously (all the various slimming pills, supplements and meal replacements I’ve consumed). I wish I could speak to my body and ask how I can help make it healthier and slimmer. Well, at least I’m eating right and exercising right, plus my fitness levels are getting pretty good.

GLOW does help to curb the appetite and also, it gives some sort of ‘burning’ effect I believe and I get quite heaty at times. That’s why it’s important to drink a lot of water. Weight loss is never an instantaneous overnight thing, so I have to be realistic about it, especially when I’m already eating fairly little and exercising before I embarked on the GLOW BFF programme. I’ll be back in two weeks to update you again with my progress!


*All opinions reflected in the post are the bloggers’ own. The contest of this post is not edited by GLOW. GLOW is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The proprietary blend is clinically proven to burn fat and maximise weight loss. All rights reserved.

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