Weight Loss Diary: Eating Right and Counting Calories

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I’m not going to go into a lengthy lecture on the types of foods we should be eating and the alarming amount of calories we are pumping into our bodies. Lots of information can be found on the internet so I’ll leave you to do further research.


I have some of the worst eating habits – irregular meals, snacking, no proper food, lack of nutrition. 


First, I don’t eat at the right times. Our body is made to function in a certain way and not eating at the right times throws the body out of its balance. Like how the different grades of fuel affects a car’s performance, the things we feed ourselves have a huge direct impact on our bodies. Breakfast, lunch, dinner with little bites in between if you are hungry. Eating small meals with a higher frequency is a strategy you might want to use if you want to lose some weight.


Next, I don’t eat proper food like rice, fish, chicken, vegetables but instead have LAYS potato chips for breakfast, Marks & Spencer chocolate chip cookies for lunch, Twisties for dinner, pineapple tarts for supper. Throw in a few cans of soft drinks and that is my daily diet. 


And I wonder why I’m putting on weight.


It is not just about getting fat and looking bad, but it’s the health that concerns me. Can you imagine how much nutrients my body is lacking? That is why I decided to WAKE UP and start eating right. I was just told that a friend’s cousin had to remove one of his kidneys as it was rotten. Why? Because he drank 3 cans of coca-cola everyday. He’s only 37 years old btw. Worse, the spoilt kidney that was removed was found cancerous.


It’s not about wanting to live longer, but wanting to live a good life as long as you live. 


I have decided not to abuse my body anymore and to treat it right by fuelling it the right way. Would you fill your Ferrari up with Shell 92 for example? Have the mindset of wanting to be healthy first and the weight loss/shaping up will come naturally.


Yes, you live to eat and not eat to live. You can enjoy your food too but not at the risk of your health/life!


I hate counting calories but you’ll be surprised at how high some of the “innocent-looking” foods you consume are in calories. For example, one medium packet of onion rings at Burger King is 400 calories. That’s equivalent to running on the treadmill at moderate speed for an HOUR. All that hard work – POOF! in just a tiny packet. Worst, at least 75% of it are calories from fat.


To shape up you have to consume less calories than you burn – that’s right. Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle is highly recommended but if you have thousands of reasons (more like excuses) not to exercise, then you might want to pay attention to what you are putting into your mouth.


I happily reach out for a packet of cocktail nuts, only to realise that few handfuls are 500 calories!!! 


Please don’t get obsessed and start checking every single nutrition label that crosses your hands, but just be that bit more aware of what you’re throwing down your throat mindlessly. 


The weight management programme that I’m on now consists of two protein shakes and one regular meal. So I’ll have the shake for breakfast and dinner, and have noodles or rice for lunch. You can interchange and have the shake for lunch should you happen to have a dinner appointment. But remember that it’s better to eat less carbs as the day goes on – Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince (is it prince?) and dinner like a pauper. I’m only into the first week of this programme so my body is still making a lot of adjustments.


I will keep sharing my journey here, so keep supporting me and I will keep sharing tips and helping YOU to get back on the right track!





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