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It’s popular with the ladies, smooth in mannerisms, makes you feel powerful in its presence and has quite an irresistible charm. I’m talking about the hot coupe Volkswagen Scirocco. This weekend it succumbs to the hands of over 700 ladies who would have attended the Volkswagen Scirocco Ladies’ Day by the end of Sunday.


 Held at the F1 pit building, Volkswagen Scirocco Ladies’ Day was created as a customer event by Volkswagen Singapore to allow women from all across the island to try the two-litre turbocharged Scirocco down part of the F1 street circuit.



Half the Scirocco population in Singapore is female and it is not difficult to see why women are attracted to it. Its sleek lines, pleasing look and wonderful drivability makes it a first choice for not just men but women too!


Entering the indoor area after registration, I was greeted by a dimmed relaxed ambience where family and friends of the lady participants could busy themselves with while waiting. You could get a neck-and-shoulder massage or express manicure, have a go at the pool tables, design your arms with some airbrush tattoos, take a photo and get it printed instantly, view the cars on display (including the new Volkswagen EOS) or fill your tummies up with free flow of popcorn, ice-cream and drinks (coca-cola, orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice or water).


It was a family outing for most; as the saying goes, “Where the women go, the men follow.” Husbands and children were in tow as ladies flocked to the F1 pit building for this rare chance for them to drive the Scirocco not on the roads of Leng Kee or Alexandra, but on part of our all-famous F1 street circuit.


The test drive was a very basic route – slalom, straight-line speed test and then some cheesy obstacle course of tyres. Only the straight-line speed test was timed and all we had to do was floor the accelerator upon go and then brake within the billboards set at the end of the straight (not sure of the exact distance but will check and update you!). Timing is done manually by the instructor in your car with his bare hands, so there might be some human error element there.


When it was my turn to go (nope I did not do launch control) I floored the accelerator and felt the wheelspin but I braked way too late and ended up going beyond the billboards. Oops. Hence my run was voided.


The weather was all sunny and friendly until a sudden downpour gloomed things some. Still, it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the participants as they kept coming and the cars kept going. Familiar faces among the instructors include leading local drifter Ivan Lim and international touring car racer Gerald Tan and there were hunky boys in tight tank tops opening the doors for ladies all day long!


When I left at noon, the top scorers were clocking sub-8 seconds which I felt was a bit strange because zero to 100km/h on the Scirocco is officially stated as 7.1 seconds so how can the braking be done in one second?


Anyway, this is not a race although the best time of all weekend gets to win some prizes (no, not the Scirocco unfortunately or I would have kicked myself for not driving better). It is always nice to see the ladies gaining some priority especially in a male-dominated world like this automotive industry. I’ve always liked the Scirocco and getting another chance to drive it is simply a bonus.. what more in an all-female environment, definitely my kind of thing! I bumped into friends there and it was very encouraging to see even existing Scirocco owners coming to try. I overheard a husband telling his wife, “Our Scirocco at home cannot drive too hard ’cause must sayang (Malay term for ‘take care’). This one not ours so just whack!” Tsk tsk! 


Tan Su-Anne, mother of one who attended the event with her family said, “I think this is an interesting way to showcase the car’s potential to ladies, especially when they don’t usually drive that way on the roads. I joined for the challenge and wished they had more to the gymkhana and timed us for the entire course instead of just the straight line. Honestly, the Scirocco looks great from the outside and is a decent drive but I don’t really fancy the partially blocked rear view and I prefer a more powerful car like the Golf R.


“Nonetheless, many thanks to Volkswagen for organising this! My husband and daughter enjoyed themselves with all the free popcorn, ice cream and finger food (that was continuously served by butlers). Too bad we didn’t have time for a massage or pedicure!”


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