VJC-Canon Exposé 2013

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It’s been eight years since I was last at Victoria Junior College (VJC) to collect my GCE ‘A’ level results. Although I live one bus stop away from the school and I drive/jog past it everyday, I never had a reason to go back. Not until last Saturday for the VJC-Canon Exposé 2013.

vjc canon expose 2013 (9)

I was invited as one of the speakers for this annual photography event for schools. Organised by VJC and Canon Singapore, this event is into its sixth year already and the participants are students from various photography clubs of different schools.

Some of the teachers from VJC recognised me and it felt good to be back. They were really excited about having an alumnus back to speak to the students. (I was from 03S22 btw – ’03′ as in 2003, the year I entered the school – you do the math). I felt a rush of nostalgia overwhelm me as I walked through the school grounds, with all the memories coming back to me. I miss those days…

I was told to expect a rather big audience, but nobody told me that the auditorium was going to be full!

vjc canon expose 2013 (1)

There must have been like 800 over of them?

vjc canon expose 2013 (6)

I was first to speak and I felt a little nervous, but at the same time I was really excited to share my world of motorsport photography with the kids!

vjc canon expose 2013 (11)

I basically took them through a series of photos from different motorsport events that I’ve been to and also giving them some behind-the-scene shots. While giving some tips on motorsport photography, I generally kept the talk light-hearted  and got them laughing.

vjc canon expose 2013 (4)

Before the start of the talk I asked for a show of hands for motorsport fans and there were barely 10 hands. Hopefully they were just shy and I certainly hoped there were more than that. Otherwise, I hope my talk manage to pique interest.

I had some prizes to give away and I was prepared to ask them questions from my presentation if there weren’t any questions from the floor. Amazingly there were many questions and I wish I had more to give away!

vjc canon expose 2013 (15)

Here are some of the questions:

1) How do you feel when you miss a shot? (ie. when out on track shooting the cars)
A: URGHHHHHHHHHHHH! It has happened before, either I

2) What programme or software do you use to post-process your photos?
A: I don’t edit my photos – they are all shot straight from the camera. I usually focus on getting the settings right as best as I can. The most I do is to crop my photos.

3) What if I want to shoot bigger vehicles like buses or planes instead of cars?
A: The same principles of photography apply but you have to stand a greater distance away in order to execute panning.

4) How does it feel being female in a male-dominated world?
A: I think we are all equal, doing what we love to do. The only thing is, the males are more physically able to carry bigger and bulkier equipment around. I have to work harder in the gym then!

vjc canon expose 2013 (8)

There was a short intermission before Kevin Ou went up to speak and during this break, this boy in the Ferrari tshirt came up to me and shyly asked me for my autograph. He’s so cute! (When I asked if he’s an Alonso fan he said no and that he was only wearing this tshirt because his uncle gave it to him -_-” I also found out he’s called Andriel Chee because he posted our photo onto my Facebook timeline, saying that his friend dared him to ask me for a photo and that he would get it because he is cute. HE IS!)

vjc canon expose 2013 (2)

He was the first to approach me and after that more and more students came up to me to ask for my autograph and for photos too.

vjc canon expose 2013 (16)

vjc canon expose 2013 (12)

vjc canon expose 2013 (14)

Kevin, a celebrity/fashion photographer, had really cool photos of Hollywood stars and sports celebrities. You could hear all the gasps from the audience as he showed his pictures! He rounded off his talk with some 3D photography – super cool!

I have met Kevin before, but you won’t believe the circumstances…Remember I was on The Big Shot 3 last year? He was a judge for some of the challenges!

That’s Kevin – third from left in picture below:

vjc canon expose 2013 (3)

Anyway, after the talks ended, the students were free to roam the various Canon stations set up around the school. Showcasing different types of Canon equipment, they had to collect a stamp at each station in order to get their goodie bag. One of the stations had my beloved pinky S2000 on display!

vjc canon expose 2013 (7)

It was so heartening to see so many people taking photos of my car! Some of them asked me to pose with the car too…

vjc canon expose 2013 (13)

I hung around till the end of the event because my car needed to be there. I could have walked home and come back later, but since I was already there, I wanted to relive the memories of my VJ days. The loft (where the VJ soccer boys gather), the PE dept (where we cross-country girls used to gather), the concourse, the library, the track, the canteen… crazy memories!

While I was walking around, students approached me for more autographs, photographs and one of them even talked to me about career prospects.

vjc canon expose 2013 (5)

I started getting love from the students on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well, with photos of my car or just general comments to thank me for my sharing. I’m so happy to be of inspiration! One of them even said she could feel the passion I have for my job as I get really excited talking about it, hee hee.

vjc canon expose 2013 (10)

Thank you Canon Singapore and VJC for this wonderful, wonderful opportunity!

View more photos here.

Photos by Lionel Lin

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