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The Louis Vuitton island at Marina Bay Sands makes a really good tourist attraction and I bet many people like me just walk into the store to have a look and then walk out without buying anything.




Upon taking arriving at Marina Bay Sands via water taxi, the first place I headed to was the much-talked about Louis Vuitton Island Maison – a first in Southeast Asia and the 12th in the world. Officially opened on 18 September 2011, the Louis Vuitton Island Maison is also the luxury giant’s fourth store front in Singapore. 

Louis-Vuitton-Island-Maison-At-Marina-Bay-Sands-1There are multiple entrances to the island and I chose to use the one in the basement -


Immediately to the right, there is this little book corner like a library.


Straight ahead past the library is the art gallery that features works from prominent designers and celebrities. I don’t know why there is a travellator there though – the whole 15 minutes I was in the art gallery section, not a single person took it. Because it is placed to the right, most people instinctively just walk straight and look at the art pieces on the left wall instead of making the effort to go to the right and take the travellator.

316443_267024456665132_131620790205500_838276_572087915_n293497_267025106665067_131620790205500_838298_1466760794_nOne of the art pieces is a photograph by actor Chow Yun Fat:

311360_267024546665123_131620790205500_838279_1677455538_n298584_267024579998453_131620790205500_838280_1093465887_nThere is also an interesting piece where you can turn on a switch and “watch the sun rise” in the picture.

313091_267024486665129_131620790205500_838277_269520748_n302650_267024509998460_131620790205500_838278_922087971_nThe “sky” in the picture actually changes colour from sunrise to sunset. Awesome.


These art pieces are for sale by the way.

307451_267024613331783_131620790205500_838281_1662375050_nAfter the art gallery ends, take the Escalator of Doom. Why doom? Because it’s gonna bring you right to where all the LV stuff you wanna buy are!


296870_267024683331776_131620790205500_838284_1298364040_n293415_267024719998439_131620790205500_838285_2020851643_nReflecting the nautical theme, you feel like you are on a cruise when you’re inside the store because of the river!


Even the lifts remind me of the ones you see on a cruise!

310161_267025083331736_131620790205500_838297_1634498187_nMy favourite spot in the LV island is the little balcony they have:

308783_267024736665104_131620790205500_838286_150355761_n314443_267024846665093_131620790205500_838290_267999818_nIsn’t it just perfect for a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon? Nope, there’s no bistro or cafe or counter there that serves you tea or coffee. I guess it can be used for VIP functions or just for you to sit down and rest if you cannot decide which bag to get.


Sweet eh?

293619_267025033331741_131620790205500_838296_1474334880_nI can’t remember how many floors there are – I think there are four – but the store is huge.


Louis Vuitton is known for its trunks and they have such beautiful ones that you can customise to hold anything in them!

299057_267024983331746_131620790205500_838294_286941574_nThey can hold clothes (see the big one there with the hangers), wine glasses, books – anything you want to fit into that trunk, they will build the insides of the trunk just for it.

319664_267025009998410_131620790205500_838295_608002114_nThis huge-ass one here? It’s made out of zinc and is up for auction – costs about 2 million EUROS. Whoo! Apparently, the story behind it is that some guy went around the world to collect winds. Yes, wind. So inside the trunk is a computer and some audio system that can play back the different winds that he collected. Eh maybe I should go around the world and collect farts of different nationalities then sell it to LV and have a hot pink zinc trunk built around it! 


Louis Vuitton is housed in one of the Crystal Pavilions that recently opened in September, so now The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is complete with over 300 retail stores and restaurants. The other Crystal Pavilion has renowned ultra-lounge Pangaea founded by American nightclub impresario Michael Ault, and nightclub Avalon helmed by nightlife veteran Steven Adelman.


There’s a flight of stairs right at the basement entrance where I came in from and it’s quite isolated because it just leads right up to the accessories shop, which isn’t connected to the rest of the LV world that you see above. I find it a bit odd but there must be a reason for it I guess!

313764_267025136665064_131620790205500_838299_1628592531_nI’ve been to Marina Bay Sands a few times and even watched Thriller Live at the theatre as well as went into the casion for a walk (a kind soul paid the $100 entry fee for me) so I’m not new to the place. I do want to do a staycation at one of the hotels and lounge at the infinity pool though. *hint*


But this tour that I went on of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands brought my attention to a few things which I never took notice of before. Like what?


Like the sampans!

301580_267025539998357_131620790205500_838310_2131880479_nI have noticed the canal before but I never saw the sampans!


308942_267025383331706_131620790205500_838307_1715788010_nThe canal doesn’t stretch all the way around the mall like the one in The Venetian at Macau does and it is just a 10-minute loop round the fountain and back.


302222_267025166665061_131620790205500_838300_742353318_nI think it’s about $10 per ride and it can seat two. Every sampan that went out was either a mum or a dad with the kid so this is probably more for kids? I guess girlfriends or couples might take it too.
310705_267025469998364_131620790205500_838309_260402516_nThe other thing I noticed only now is that Marina Bay Sands has no fast food restaurants! There is this Kraze Burger thing near the Rasapura Masters food court, right there at the indoor skating rink, but other than that there is no McDonald’s, no Burger King, no KFC, no Carl’s Jr. 


It is an upmarket upscale mall after all – the Coffee Bean there is an upmarket version called Beanstro, the Charles & Keith store there is the Signature Label and even Robinsons Departmental Store is of a totally new concept never seen before in Singapore. The whole look and even choice of brands within the store is not your typical Robinsons. 


See the entrance of Robinsons? From far I thought it was Louis Vuitton!

296685_267025303331714_131620790205500_838304_1465093525_nMy tour ended with a yummy tea at the TWG salon that is on the bridge overlooking the canal. You MUST try the Singapore Surprise pie there.. It’s out of this world. S$8.50 a slice.

3077629844_2bd49c1dbb_bMarina Bay Sands may not be the first place that comes to mind when you want to go shopping for a new bag or a new pair of shoes. But actually, the wide range of shops there might be a place where you can get what you want.


With almost 800,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, shoppers can experience a refreshing mix of international luxury brands, emerging labels and new concepts at the large-scale luxury shopping mall. It is an upmarket mall filled with luxury brands, but it is not catered to only the upper classes in the society, but to everyone who is keen for a fulfilling shopping experience.


Contrary to what many people think, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands has an exciting retail mix appealing to all budget and age groups. Offering not just luxury products and high-end brands, mid-range and high street fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Charles & Keith Signature Label, Pazzion, Pedro, Steve Madden, Nine West and Guess are also part of the directory.


Anyone can shop there!


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