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I didn’t have time to go to Toyota City and check it out so the next best thing was to go to this Toyota City showcase at MegaWeb – it’s located just opposite the Tokyo Big Sight, where the Tokyo Motorshow this year is to be held. I headed there yesterday after visiting Autobacs…




The Toyota City showcase at MegaWeb is just a showroom actually – I’m sorry I don’t have more exciting photos, but I’m just showing you what I saw for myself!




302282_295427017158209_131620790205500_921570_2096821864_nYou can buy your own brochure from this catalogue vending machine – interesting feature!


There were quite a lot of stuff on the ground level…






I went to do a little shopping at that Euro Sports store (see picture below) - 


… it sold lots of Formula 1 merchandise and other racing memorabilia! I found these puppets quite freaky though – especially the Bernie Ecclestone ones!


The Toyota showroom extends to the second level…


… where a Lexus showroom is tucked away in a corner next to the cafe:


Look – the IS350C! I only got to try the Lexus IS250C…

388038_295428093824768_131620790205500_921581_184555584_nToyota has a History Garage at this facility too, but it was located at another side of the facility and to get there I had to walk through the mall. I totally didn’t mind the walk, simply for two reasons: a) there was a Hello Kitty land at the entrance (to be blogged about in separate entry) and b) there was this series of drool-worthy classics in the walkway…


The first one in line is this Nissan Skyline KPGC10:




Don’t you just want to bring that Skyline home? Next in line is the Isuzu 117 Coupe!




I think it’s wonderful that these ‘uncles’ (or should I say ‘grandfathers’?) are still around in pristine condition. Here’s the Soarer:




The last one in the line of display is my all-time favourite – the Fairlady! Nothing beats the original…




And that was it!


I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘appetiser’ on my way to the Toyota History Garage…


Unfortunately, the History Garage was closed!!! I think there was some media event or something, as I remember seeing a photo of some car in the Toyota History Garage that Speedhunters posted up on the same day.


Oh well! This was all that I got to see of the Toyota History Garage…


Maybe I can come by if I am done early at the Tokyo Motorshow on Wednesday!


Since the History Garage was not open, I went to check out Hello Kitty land instead…

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