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It’s time for my Opinion series again… Read how I battle with a head-vs.-heart decision: 


I don’t particularly like making big decisions (I mean, who does?), especially when the choice is between the head and the heart. So what was this dilemma that left me thinking for sleepless nights and got me bugging close friends for advice? I wished it was as simple as “Should I get an Aston Martin or an Audi R8 or a Nissan GT-R?” but too bad I am not in that position of luxury to even get near that thought.


I was invited to be part of a female stunt driver team put together by the local distributor of a well-known Japanese carmaker. Part of this one-year contract was to travel with three other ladies to different countries in Southeast Asia and perform our own precision driving show at customer events. It wasn’t difficult to accept the invite as cars excite me and I get to learn new driving skills as well as improve existing skills.


Missing the first show, the next show required the entire team to perform and altogether, a total of 12 days are needed. I was looking forward to this opportunity but when I looked at my schedule for July I realised 12 days (effectively half a working month) away from work is too much for me. Ultimately I need to remember that my first priority is my role as a journalist, to provide content for readers like you. Anything that compromises that would have to be thought twice about as it means taking me away from my core focus.


It took me real hard hesitation and consideration to think about it – the heart where my passion lies wants to be on the female stunt driver team and gain the exposure and experience, but the head is reasoning logic with me and warning me that my work will be affected.


In life there will be certain situations we encounter where we want everything and grab every opportunity that we are presented with. But as I grew older and wiser, I learnt that we cannot be greedy and choices have to be made. It’s like having a certain budget for your car and then having so many cars to choose from. One good thing is you can go and have test drives in all the cars you are considering before you decide on your final purchase. Unfortunately we don’t get to try everything we want before deciding on any.


It was with much regret that I eventually made the decision to withdraw from the team. To be fair to the company and to myself, I don’t think I can spare 12 days each month there is a performance. I mean, I could do that, but at the expense of my work and that would mean at the expense of you readers – and that is a responsibility of mine that I owe to you readers hence I took the rational path.


Getting to perform precision driving at customer events is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m not sure if there will be such a chance for me again. Trust me, I battled with this dilemma for a while as the opportunity cost on either side is rather significant. Nonetheless, once the decision is made there is no looking back and we should all learn to be firm and content with the final call we make. If such straightforward decisions take so much trouble to be made, then we will only be in deeper waters when faced with large life-shaking decisions.

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