Tokyo Auto Salon 2013: One 86 too many

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

My first overseas assignment for 2013 was none other than the Tokyo Auto Salon, or how I like to call it – aftermarket paradise.


I was there for the first time last year and this year, the show was bigger, extending to 11 halls at Makuhari Messe.


The first half of Friday was for members of the press and VIPs, before it opened to public at 1.00pm. Hence, I tried to cover as much of the halls as possible before the halls start flooding.


There were some strange cars this year, like this pair of weird-looking FD3S.


I really don’t know why they did the cars up like that, but it sure attracted a lot of attention. Maybe that’s the whole point.


This year though, I think the show should have been dedicated to the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S. There was one in practically every corner. Speedhunters counted 91 of them… though it felt like more than that.


No prizes for guessing why I like this BRZ – simply because it is pink-based! This Toyota 86 TRD Griffon Concept was another eye-catcher.


All the 86/BRZ/FR-S aside, there were the usual JDM models, like this Evo X that is looking so hot in its Varis kit…


Then you know how I like pink right? But sorry, I think this Siat 500 X SC Savoy just made things go overboard. While I love pink to bits, I don’t think I want to drive something like this.


Seeing all the S2000 cars there made me miss my pink one at home. Honda unveiled this Modulo Climax concept, which has a really sexy colour, but it is not clear what they made this for when the Honda S2000 is already out of production.


One of the first banners I spotted was the Overdrive one that hung prominently from the ceiling with the distinct black and yellow colours. True enough, it was the same Overdrive that I’m familiar with – the drifters from the Thai drift team M150 Overdrive! This car is Oat’s, which he uses in D1…


I also got to see the odd-shaped Nissan DeltaWing, which I would really like to see in action on the track.


There were many racing cars on display and some were displayed in a pit stop simulation.



As usual, there was the D1GP Kick-Off Series where the top drivers of D1GP gather to battle each other at the outdoor demonstration area. You have Team Orange, Team Goodyear, Team Toyo Tires and of course, the famous Daigo Saito, who conquered the Formula Drift arena worldwide in 2012.


Since Formula Drift Indonesia last November, I’ve not had any drifting action and as silly as this sounds, I miss the smoking tyres and I felt joy when they starting roaring around the little exhibition space.


There were also demo runs by Formula Nippon cars and other motorsport cars, but the race queens drew more attention I think.


Speaking of race queens, I’m glad I got the shots I needed on Friday because when I returned on Saturday, it was nearly impossible to get a shot of them. They were surrounded by lots and lots of men with cameras (note I won’t even call them photographers) and they have a tendency to stay in their spot for the entire time the girl is posing at the car.


I refuse to comprehend why they have to stand there and get hundreds of shots of the same girl. There was even this guy blatantly filming a girl’s boobs from left to right before going to the hemline of her short skirt.


I felt that the girls this time weren’t as hot, or maybe when I made my rounds I didn’t come across the hot ones.


I went to walk around the car parks for a bit too, to check out what interesting rides there are.


Then I saw the queue of cars lining up to visit Tokyo Auto Salon… boy was I glad I took the train!


I have a lot more photos and you can view more of my Tokyo Auto Salon photos here.

Meanwhile, those in Singapore can look forward to Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore happening in April!

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