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If there’s anything that the Thais in motorsports should be proud of, it’s the amazing team presence and image that they display at drifting events. The two most prominent Thai drifting teams are M150 Overdrive Team and Red Bull Drift Team Thailand. There is also a celebrity drift team – the PTT Performa Drift Team – that contains famous local singers, actors and DJs.


While M150 Overdrive features reigning national drift champion Saranon Pornpatanarak, the Red Bull Drift Team Thailand is headed by Kiki Sak Nana – an iconic figure in the drifting scene.


According to their website (, it all started that very night in 2009 in a hotel room in Tokyo, Japan. [No, it's nothing R(A)21.] Kiki was having a drink with Tengku Djan and his wife Shan (Djan is Malaysia’s Prince of Drift) and they were just casually chatting and sharing bad experiences with each other. Then an idea hit them – why not form our own team?


With your own team, you call the shots (of course, you listen to the sponsors) and you don’t have to be at the mercy of others. With an aim to “create the strongest team in Southeast Asia and conquer the drifting world”, Kiki and Djan returned to their respective countries with renewed ambition. After several rounds of discussions, sponsor persuasion and team-mate recruiting, the Red Bull Drift Team Thailand was formed in January 2010.


For the 2011 drifting season, the team boasted six members – Kiki, Oat (Oatkung Kulachart Rhuvatana), Ju (Somchai Aroonrung), Pond (Daychapon Toyingcharoen), Tong (Nakarin Tawachpakdi) and Djan himself. If I’m not wrong, Djan has his own team back in Malaysia (with FX Open) but when he competes in Thailand it is with the Red Bull Drift Team.


The team has great team presence, with matching racing suits, team t-shirts and caps, as well as the similar matte black Red Bull livery on their cars and helmets. 





This is them at Formula Drift Singapore earlier this year:


However, there was a slight change in the team structure for Formula Drift Indonesia as Oat apparently has left the team for reasons undisclosed. Only four of the original five Thai members (not including Djan) were in Jakarta:

384193_211830108889757_140105799395522_527613_1916163097_nA few days after Formula Drift Indonesia concluded, a new poster of the team was uploaded onto their Facebook page. It shows only five of them, excluding Oat who has since left the team.


There might be some changes in the driver line-up for the 2012 season but until that is made official I can’t reveal anything! I can reveal though, that there are plans in place for the Red Bull Drift Team Thailand to compete in Formula Drift USA. They will not be the first Thai to compete in the professional USA drifting series as Saranon from the M150 Overdrive Team participated in the last two rounds this year in Las Vegas and Irwindale, but if they go as a team then they would be the first Thai team to do so.


Red Bull Drift Team Thailand recently celebrated success at Formula Drift Indonesia as Pond ascended the podium in third place, much to the team’s delight.




With all the trouble going on at home as the nation tries to overcome the national flooding disaster, this taste of victory will linger on their palates a while longer. 


The team has initiated their own relief efforts to help the flood victims too:






Isn’t that so sweet of them?


As a continuation of their flood relief efforts, they are selling their official team merchandise on their Facebook page here. They have nice caps like this…


… as well as t-shirts like this:


Boy have I got a treat for you all!


I have three Red Bull Drift Team Thailand t-shirts to give away (in Asian sizes L and XL only though), of the exact design as above. Here’s a closer look:


Yeah, Oat’s face is still on it but he was part of the team before anyway and I think this t-shirt is quite cool! Want one?


Here’s how you can get one:


Answer these 2 questions - 


1. Who is the captain of the Red Bull Drift Team Thailand?

2. Name me 2 of the car models used by the drifters of the Red Bull Drift Team Thailand.


Email your answers to
with the Subject: Red Bull Drift Team Thailand T-shirt Contest,
along with your name, address, I/C no., DOB, contact no. and email add.


Three random lucky readers will be picked from the correct entries submitted
before 11 November 2011.


Contest is open to anyone in any part of the world. Good luck!


Here’s a photo of them wearing the t-shirt that you stand to win:


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