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If you realise, there are only a few colours that I often wear – it’s either pink, black, white and the occasional red, blue or green (because the fortune teller told me green will bring me good luck).



To be honest I never paid much attention to the importance of colours, in terms of colours that go onto me I mean, until I attended this Colour Dynamics Seminar at Jill Lowe International.

297116_10150373783002710_602152709_8082084_943291220_nBasically, the purpose of the Colour Dynamics Seminar is “to understand the importance of image asset management, the people you meet and their expectations; to acquire knowledge in the universal colour mixing theory and gain an understanding of your colour season to bring out the radiance of your skin.”

315503_10150373778652710_602152709_8082048_2071977074_nMore often than not, we go for colours that we perceive are “right” for the occasion, colours we think would suit the mood, the ‘safest’ colour (usually black) or the colours that we like most or think looks best on us. In my case I love pink and there’s the stereotype that black makes one look slim so pink and black make up the bulk of my wardrobe.


Did You Know?
Wearing shoes that match the colour of your blouse makes you look short!


When people remark, “Cheryl Tay, you’re always in something pink”, my typical reply is: “If it isn’t on the outside then it’s inside.”


Now, it turns out that pink is NOT the colour for me! As in, pink is not the best colour that will bring out my skin and it is NOT flattering for my features. 


Gwen, the trainer for the Colour Dynamics Seminar I went for that evening, took time to explain to us the importance of visual influence and also what some of the colours actually mean.


Visual Influence = Image x Respect x Trust


So if you get the colours right on you and have these colours bring out your personality style, you pretty much create a strong presence and from there gain an influence on others. The influence that you want and need to clinch that deal or stand out in a party.

315745_10150373778252710_602152709_8082034_1849326195_nThe Power of Colour


If you know how to mix and match colours properly, you can use it to make money and also get the girl (or guy) of your dreams. It’s not about being pretty or ugly, but about the message you want to convey and the values you want to portray. For example, a financial advisor dressed in black may come across as ‘cold’ while another dressed in pastel blue might seem friendlier and more sincere to help you make money instead of making money from you only.


TIP: Wearing the right clothes of the right colours can help you make money.


Gwen went on to explain four common colours that people generally wear – White, Black, Blue and Pink. Explaining the associated values with these colours, she also taught us how to wear these colours appropriately and shared tips on how we can better carry off these colours.


For example, White is associated with honesty, purity and innocence (ever wondered why the PAP wear white?) and if you must only have one colour in the wardrobe, it has to be White. 


TIP: Keep at least a white jacket in your wardrobe and wear nude colours under that white coat.

382966_10150373778497710_602152709_8082043_1861683195_nWhite and Black are the typical corporate colours but professionalism aside, Black is commonly worn because it is easy to match, flattering on the figure and hard to go wrong with it.


TIP: Match your black skirt with black heels and nude or grey stockings.
If you must have black stockings, wear midnight black (sheer) stockings and not jet black (solid).


Blue is another common colour, like the next alternative to Black or White, but it might come across as boring if not worn right. 


TIP: If you must have blue in your wardrobe, get a blue tie instead of a blue shirt. 


Did You Know?
If you stare at blue for too long, you will start to feel relaxed.
So if you are giving a presentation, you might want to avoid blue lest your audience starts drifting away.


I was most interested when Gwen broached the colour Pink. Her best tip for Pink? Not to wear from head to toe. Oh man, that’s the biggest fashion mistake I am making!

296349_10150373778842710_602152709_8082052_720089611_nIt doesn’t end there.


It turned out that all the colours that I like wearing, eg. bright pink, black or red, fall under Winter. Yes, we can break down the fashion colours into the four seasons. 


Spring (Miss Attractive)

eg. Clay Aiken, Avril Lavigne


Autumn (Miss Sophisticated) – usually dirty colours

eg. Angelina Jolie


Summer (Miss Romantic) – soft pastel colours

eg. Kate Winslet, Zhao Wei (basically people who are there to be saved, like a porcelain doll)


Winter (Miss Dramatic) – striking, attention-seeking colours

eg. Gong Li, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Cruise (always be remembered for colours of clothes)


So it turns out that I’m an Autumn person, who can also take Spring. Gwen called me up for a demonstration and she did a comparison of a Winter colour versus an Autumn colour (ie. Hot pink vs Peach, Black vs Brown, Blue vs Dirty Green). 


This is me in Winter colours:


381717_10150373783277710_602152709_8082088_1620515542_nAnd this is me draped with Autumn colours:



Verdict: Cheryl Tay is suited for Autumn colours. (Check out above the utter look of disbelief I had when the verdict was ruled!)


More examples of Autumn colours – exactly the kind I would never look at twice in a store:


My wardrobe is full of Winter colours – bright, loud and attention-seeking colours – guess I now have new reason to go shopping for a new wardrobe! Don’t get me wrong – the purpose of attending this seminar is not to get you to throw out your wardrobe later and replace it. It’s just to understand your outer image better so that you can create a better outward impression. That doesn’t mean the inner you does not matter.


To quote Ms Marion Neubronner who is a good friend of Jill Lowe the founder of Jill Lowe International, “There is nothing wrong with any of us and YOU are perfect the way you are. We are just imparting skills and offering you tools to look better and attract others the right way. A skill – nothing more, nothing less.”


The duration of the seminar is two hours, but the people at Jill Lowe International are very friendly and if you stay on to ask questions, they will gladly stay until the last one leaves.


Jill Lowe herself came out at the end of the session to address us and she said something that made a lot of sense: “It is not just about making money but also getting ROI in life, love and your career. We all have to wear clothes anyway so we might as well get it right and invest in clothes to dress right. In doing that you also save money by not buying the wrong clothes and as a result of dressing right you even stand to earn money for yourself.”


Gwen the trainer left each of us a personal tip…

388993_10150373783112710_602152709_8082086_1993073973_n…and mine was to make use of my strong vocal presence as well as my beautiful hair (I’ve never ever thought my hair was an asset to my looks!). Apparently I have lots of energy and I just need to make sure that I channel it the right way! Check out my hair in the next picture:

302913_10150373783207710_602152709_8082087_2115371008_nLast tip from Marion: Surround yourself with positive people who want you to be outstanding. 


Hence after going for these personal image classes, give yourself a chance to embrace the insights gained and take time to enhance yourself so you can become outstanding. Some people around you may be unkind and shower criticisms on you, but you must retain that confidence about yourself and stand tall!


colourquotesI have a gift from Jill Lowe to you: 


Five lucky readers will get to attend the Colour Dynamics Seminar, compliments of Jill Lowe International!


The first five (regardless of age, gender and occupation) to write in to me at with their name, age, I/C no. and email address will find themselves a reserved seat at:


Colour Dynamics Seminar, by Jill Lowe International

When: 22nd November 2011, Tuesday

Time: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Venue: 328 North Bridge Road #02-37 Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade (S) 188719


*Thank you Mint and LivingInSingaporeToday for this opportunity! I will be sharing more from Jill Lowe International, so do keep a lookout! [Photos below: Mint and I sneaking photos during class - do not attempt to repeat these scenarios on your own. GRIN!]



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