The ‘Pinking’ Process of CTmobile 001

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My love for pink is a statement and something that I am very proud of. However, for the longest time, I’ve never made my car pink although people have often said to me, “Your car must definitely be pink.”

Well, not until the kind people at Autovox put forth a proposal that I could not resist.

You got it – they offered to colour my humble Mitsubishi Lancer GLX pink!

Previously, it was like this:


So there was some pink here and there on the car, but the plan was to give the car a total makeover and paint it totally pink.

Let me take you on the spray painting process…

1) Removal of stickers and car parts (1 day)
After the CHERYL TAY stickers were taken off, things like the handles, side mirrors, front and back bumpers and door panels were removed too.

IMG_0440 copy

2) Body filling (2 days)
To make the surface even, especially for the door dents, this process is done to smoothen out and cover up marks, unevenness, kerb rashes and dents caused by stone chips or falling fruits.

IMG_0441 copy

3) Sanding down of whole car (1 day)
The car is next sanded down to prepare for paint bonding.

IMG_0443 copy

4) Washing down the whole car thoroughly
Using soap and detergent, the remaining accumulating layers are cleaned off. There are all kinds of layers on your car such as wax, dust, oil stains and other particles. This step is necessary to make the car grease-less before it goes for painting.

IMG_0453 copy

5) Further filling is done in the oven (1 day)
The car is taken into the oven, which has brighter light, for further filling to make sure that the finer holes are filled too, as it was hard to tell with the naked eye.

IMG_0457 copy

6) Cover-up with wax paper
Areas of the car not being sprayed, such as the windows, door hinges, rubber seals, tyres and rims, need to be covered with wax paper. Newspapers are not used here as they are often stacked up and hence have dust.

IMG_0473 copy

The car is then taken inside the booth for the next part of the process.

IMG_0452 copy

7) De-grease of the whole car
Three hours before the car is to be sprayed, the whole car is being de-greased to take away any oil stains that might have come on when the wax paper was being put on.

8) Customising the paint
Using Sikkens paint (solvent-based and not water bonding), this special shade of pink was customised for me by Chris Lim. He had to mix in some level of white to achieve this shade.

IMG_0478 copy

IMG_0511 copy

9) Spraying of the car
Spray painting starts from the inside as it is more complicated, before the rest of the car is sprayed.

IMG_0483 copy

In case you are wondering, steps 2 to 5 are repeated for different parts of the car and taken into either of the two booths.

IMG_0463 copy

IMG_0513 copy

10) Drying of paint
It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to dry the paint.

11) Applying of high solid clear coat or lacquer
This takes about four hours and then the car is left overnight to cure.

12) Removal of wax paper
Taken out of the paint booth, the wax papers are being removed from the car next.

13) Uncured polishing (0.5 – 1 day)
No matter how clean your machine or paint brush is, there will still be some dust specks or hair. Using fine sand paper, the surface is rubbed free of outstanding particles.

14) Installing back the parts (0.5 day)
After taking apart the car to have it spray painted, it is now time to assemble the car back!

IMG_0527 copy

Altogether, it took about 10 to 15 working days for the whole car to be spray painted. You will miss your car during this time, but you will also be very excited about the result!

This is how my CTmobile looks like now!

I’ve decided not to put back the CHERYL TAY stickers as this pink alone attracts more attention than I need.



As the New Year is approaching, maybe you would like to consider giving your car a new look!

I would like to thank Autovox for this opportunity to pink out my car and for their professionalism in work and high quality standards.


For any queries, kindly contact Autovox at 6475 5775 or email to More information can be found at

P.S. If you happen to like this pink of mine, it’s called Cheryl’s Pink!


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