The importance of changing car parts regularly

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With today’s car market conditions, many people are keeping their cars instead of changing cars. Having made the decision to keep the cars, the next thing to focus on is in keeping the car safe so as to have it out on the roads longer. Going for regular servicing is important, along with the changing of some necessary parts and components.


My personal ride – a humble Japanese 1.6-litre sedan – has been on the roads for seven years now and I will just drive it till the end of its COE lease. To ensure that it will continue to serve me well for its last three years with me, I changed some parts of the car recently at JNBK Corporation. You can say this is somewhat of a preventive measure – changing the parts of the car after prolonged usage, instead of waiting until they wear out and start causing damage to the car.


1) NiBK brake pad

Brakes are responsible for slowing the car down and bringing it to a stop – that’s very important because good brakes will mean being able to control your car’s speed better. Most cars these days have disc brakes all around, but for my car, I have disc brakes in the front and drum brakes at the back. For disc brakes, there is a set of heat-resistant pads that grip the brake rotor when the brake pedal is pressed, using friction to slow the wheel down and then bringing the car to a stop. Over time the brake pads will wear out and reduce its ability to slow the car down, hence it is essential to change the brake pads whenever necessary.


NiBK has friction formulas that individually cater to specific vehicle types for optimal performance. I used their conventional class formulas that are for all types of automotive and light industry vehicles. Basically, the materials used are non-asbestos organic, non abrasive low metallic, along with other types of quality ceramic wools with different additives and unique production processes. With the environment in mind, NiBK states that the lowest brake dust levels are used – at the same time reducing the brake dust collection in your rims. All friction formulations of NiBK are said to provide drivers with the highest road safety with high resistance to brake power loss in extreme situations.


With the newer brake pads just in, I was careful not to brake too hard so as to allow the brake pads to bed in properly with the rotors. For the first 500 kilometres, depending on your driving style, try to go easy on the braking and also not go at too high speeds (higher speeds mean more braking force needed). The NiBK brake pads have been working well with my stock brake rotors and I’m glad I got them changed because the wet weather in Singapore can give you quite the slip at times!


2) JS Asakashi air filter

A clean air filter is needed for your car to ‘breathe’ clean air, hence it is also important to have it changed when necessary. When an air filter becomes dirty, the filtration capacity reduces and more unwanted stuff goes into the engine. As a result, the engine is unable to function properly and drivability issues may occur.


Sometimes, the examining and replacing of the air filter is overlooked, so if you often drive in dusty environments or heavy traffic situations, ensure your air filter is checked frequently. A clean air filter will give improved fuel consumption, enhanced acceleration, increased engine life, lower emissions and overall better engine performance.


I chose to replace my air filter with the JS Asakashi air filter that uses superior filter element technology to block nearly all airborne dust and dirt, including tiny particles as small as a grain of salt. Their air filters are available in panel and round styles to fit most vehicles.

resized-201206082020232763) Toyoguard wiper blade

Toyoguard has earned a reputation for some of the most advanced technologies in wiper blades. You might not place too much significance on wiper blades, but in times of rain you will start to realise that wiper blades actually are important because it affects your visibility in the rain. I once had a friend who had one of his wiper blades fly off in the heavy rain when he had it at the highest speed, nearly causing him to go off the road because he could not see clearly.


In my car’s seven-year life thus far, I’ve only changed the wiper blades once and that was not too long ago, but I decided to change my wiper blades again. The ones I had were chattering and shrieking as they wiped the screen, leaving marks on my windscreen and also, they were not wiping well enough and I found myself struggling with visibility in times of rain.


Toyoguard has quite a wide range of wiper blades from the conventional types to the tourmaline hybrid types. A good set of wiper blades like the Toyoguard ones I’m using have the following features – UV resistant material, easy installation, hardy (so as not to break easily), smooth wiping performance, durable, quiet operation with no chattering, reduced streaking and smearing. In Singapore where rain is frequent and sometimes really heavy, it is vital to have a good pair of wiper blades.


I do send my car for regular servicing, but I do take some time to check certain parts of my car to see if they need replacing. Things like the air filter, wiper blades and brake pads are things that we can arrange to check on our own without having to wait for the next servicing session. Take care of your car well and it will keep you safe on the roads!


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