Thank you for all birthday wishes!

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To the hundreds of people who wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ through Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, SMS, email or over the phone, thank you so much! 


To the millions of people who wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ in their hearts, you’re welcome ;)


And to those who forgot or didn’t know, you are forgiven!


I got a wonderful surprise by post from Audi Singapore: A yummy (and awfully sinful) cake from awfully chocolate!


Last year I had no birthday cake (told the parents and then-boyfriend that there wasn’t a need for one) but this year I had two surprise cakes! One from Audi and the other from a really good friend who came by just before midnight:


The day before my birthday, Jennifer (mother of local cadet karters Jon and Josh Lee) dropped by my place suddenly to give me a gift!




Jennifer joined me for Bikram Yoga class before so she knows this towel set makes a perfect companion for my workouts! She even made the effort to wrap it in PINK wrapping paper, nice!!


Another mother of local karters Ryan and Rodrique Chng, Rachel Ho, joined me for Bikram Yoga on the morning of my birthday and felt bad for taking up precious birthday time. She wanted to buy me lunch but she had to get home to tutor her kids (exam period!) so I told her no worries… instead, she went to get me a gift. AIYOH really not necessary but thanks much anyway! 


There was quite a funny story behind this gift – Rachel wanted to buy me earrings but she wasn’t sure if I had ear piercings or not, so Ryan and Rodrique went on Facebook and searched for multiple photos of me wearing earrings of all shapes and sizes to show their mummy that yes, Cheryl Tay has many ear piercings! (I have six in total. GRIN.)


My dearest baby sister Claudia, who is studying in Australia at the moment, got me these from down under:


I love the t-shirt – have 1 or 2 at home already – and I don’t know whether to laugh or take offence at the mug. RAAR! Love you all the same Mei Mei (that’s ‘younger sis’ in Mandarin)!


My parents and relatives gave me ang baos (‘red packet’ in Mandarin – basically means giving me money) so I could go and buy whatever I wanted to buy. Easier than buying something that I don’t want/need/like. 


Dr-DietAnd then I got my most interesting gift from Mint Leong, a box of meal replacements from Dr. Diet! Like me, she’s also trying to get her weight under control. I told her I recently started the Herbalife weight management programme with 2 shakes and 1 normal meal a day and she said her mum tried it too. It worked for her mum but apparently the weight lost came back after she stopped the programme. Then her mum went on another meal replacement programme called Dr. Diet, lost 8 kilos and kept it off!


The plan was for Mint to try Dr. Diet while I stick to Herbalife and then we compare results after 3-6 months or something. BUT SHE WENT TO BUY A BOX OF DR. DIET FOR ME INSTEAD!! I am already on Herbalife and I don’t really fancy the idea of mixing products (though similar in nature) from different brands, so I’ll take it after I’m done with Herbalife. Thank you darling Mint anyway… She kept telling me Dr. Diet is super nice and thrashes all stereotypes of meal replacements being yucky. I have tried several brands of meal replacements before and I must say Dr. Diet is really tasty – I tried HALF a shake ’cause I was out and forgot to bring out my Herbalife shake.


So, another year older, another year wiser! May life ahead be a smooth journey and Mr. Prince Charming, I don’t need you to come on a white horse… haha just kidding, where did that come from?!


Thank you one and all again for your wonderful birthday wishes:)


P.S. I’m not that pantang (Malay for ‘superstitious’) so if you want to give me a belated birthday treat or gift, I’m all UP FOR IT! Hee, I’m sooo thick-skinned today….

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