Taiwanese Lava Girls steam up the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore

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You could practically see eyes popping out of heads when the Taiwanese models took the stage and performed a dance number for the crowd that gathered at the stage way before their stipulated performance time.

lavagirlstas (1)

Part of the professional Lava Girls dance group, three of them were in Singapore for the inaugural Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore exhibition. Working as race queens and dancers for Westlake Performance Tyres, Milky, Debby and Alyshia drew lots of stares over the weekend with their ample bosoms and skin-tight neon green outfits.

A pretty face matched with those curves spells trouble in many ways and Milky recounted how she once got molested on the job.
She was giving out gifts to visitors at a booth and was touched on the leg twice by this man who wanted to get the free gift. After she gave the gift the second time and turned away, that same man grabbed her hard on the butt.

lavagirlstas (6)

Her eyes flashed anger as she recalled how she turned back around and paused for five seconds, just staring at him. At that moment, she really wanted to throw the gifts at him but before she could react, people around grabbed hold of the man and forced him to apologise.

“I was very angry and I really wanted to hit him. These things happen and one of my colleagues [only] ever [once] had to call the police,” said Milky, 28, whose real name is Jocelyn Kao. “We will smile and tell them nicely if they get too close. Sometimes some people are taking photos of our chests and not our faces.”

Debby, 26, has also encountered molestation on the job before but said it does not make her feel scared.

lavagirlstas (2)

For 25-year-old Alyshia, she hates it when people blatantly take photos of her chest and has learnt how to avoid pesky photographers by turning away from the camera.

lavagirlstas (3)

As part of the job as a professional dancer, the girls train hard and dance almost every day when they are not performing. That, they told me, is the secret to maintaining their figures. They were eating McDonald’s after I was done with the interview. Often working late nights at events or clubs, they seldom have time to exercise and they don’t really watch what they eat. In fact, Debby’s favourite food is fried chicken and she can eat a lot of it, she told me.

lavagirlstas (4)

Shaking that booty in such body-hugging costumes and high platform shoes is no easy feat, but these girls are good at what they do, hardly breaking a sweat. It was pretty amusing watching men flock to them like bees to honey, trying to get closer for a better view of their assets. The girls handled it very well, without a sign of discomfort or displeasure, striking up pose after pose and knowing how to turn away if someone gets too near.

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