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Weight Loss Diary: Staying motivated during the period

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Losing weight is already such a challenge, especially having to summon every ounce of my willpower to reject my favourite foods. It doesn’t help that once a month I have to deal with this damn thing called The Period, which affects the weight loss process in several ways.

About seven to 10 days before the period is due to arrive, I will experience symptoms like water retention, bloated tummy, added lethargy and FOOD CRAVINGS. All these serve nothing but demoralisation to my dieting efforts.

Your clothes become tighter, you don’t feel sexy at all with that bulging tummy, you freak out in horror at the digits on the scale and you just can’t seem to resist pigging out. I go through ALL of that. I will find myself ditching my weight loss measures and polishing off that whole tube of Tim Tams or an entire tin of sugar-topped butter cookies. (This is actually called binge eating and I will write about this in a separate post.)

Well, the thing is, all those symptoms are temporary and should not interfere with your long-term weight loss progress. I know it’s really hard not to feel unmotivated when you are feeling fat, greedy and un-sexy. I just feel like throwing in the towel and give up dieting when I see the numbers on the scale go up although I’ve been faithfully keeping to the diet and exercise regime.


Well, as much as I sometimes feel like rolling my eyes when I say this, it is true – Try your best to keep motivated to lose weight during that time of the month! Just continue eating healthy and keeping up your fitness workouts.

Here are some tips to help you get through this dreaded time of the month:

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