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CAR REVIEW: Audi S7 Sportback 4.0 (A)

Written by Cheryl Tay on . Posted in Cheryl Tay Blog | Blog Post of Cheryl Tay

Audi S7 Sportback 4.0

Text and photos by Cheryl Tay
Text driven in December 2012

Audi S7 Sportback (5)

The rainy year-end weather makes driving less enjoyable than usual, with longer traffic delays, slippery roads and more-impatient-than-usual drivers. However, in the company of the Audi S7 Sportback, all these troubles are suddenly put miles away.

It is quite hard to feel much annoyance when you are nicely enveloped in the beautiful 4-litre V8 turbocharged Audi. You might occasionally get a flicker of irritation from lesser drivers, but you would very quickly get the smile back on your face because the drive of the S7 Sportback provides such a gleeful atmosphere.

Audi S7 Sportback (8)

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Going beyond the showroom for a test drive

Written by Cheryl Tay on . Posted in Cheryl Tay Blog | Blog Post of Cheryl Tay

Within a span of one month, I attended three driving experiences – by BMW M, Bentley and Audi. These events allow customers to try their hand at the cars outside of the usual showroom test drive.

With makeshift tracks and professional driving instructors as guides, they provide the opportunity for participants to try the cars in various situations, other than just drive them around the showroom.

The Changi Exhibition Centre, home of the airshow grounds, is a popular place for such driving events due to the vast space it has. Both the BMW M Power Drive Experience and the Bentley Continental GT Speed Experience were held there one week after another at the end of November. Participants get to learn and practise driving techniques such as high speed braking zones, high speed corners, emergency lane changes and slalom.

CTT_5538 wm

At the wheel of the Bentley Continental GT Speed

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