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Weight Loss Diary: The beginning of the end with GLOW

Written by Cheryl Tay on . Posted in Cheryl Tay Blog | Blog Post of Cheryl Tay

As quickly as it started, the GLOW BFF Challenge has ended. I’ve learnt a lot about diet and nutrition in the past month, and also had possibly the most active month I’ve had in years. I was engaging in several types of physical activity, such as PT sessions, yoga, kickboxing, zumba fitness and jogging.

The best thing about it?

Having girlfriends to do it with you!

It really made the workouts a lot more fun and it also served as a motivation to get moving. The group was pretty big when we started, but as we went along, some fell off the radar due to other commitments. The common few faces however, gelled strong and the friendships made out of sheer perspiration are very valuable.

glow bff challenge last session (6)

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