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Tips for driving in the haze

Written by Cheryl Tay on . Posted in Cheryl Tay Blog | Blog Post of Cheryl Tay

Being at the wheel has its own risks as well, with the reduced visibility being the biggest concern.


Here are some reminders to help you stay safe while driving in the haze:

1) Be more aware of your surroundings.

Increase your alertness and situational awareness in order to avoid accidents. Channel all your focus into driving and prevent distractions. For example, keep your phone away.

2) Drive slower than usual.

Watch the speed and drive slower with more caution.

3) Keep a greater safety distance and do not tailgate.

Stay further away from the car in front of you than you usually do.

4) Switch on the headlights.

Turn the headlights on during the day if conditions are bad. This will help others to see you.

5) Don’t make sudden movements on the road.

If you missed a turn or couldn’t change lanes in time for your exit, so be it. You may not be able to see cars near you clearly and rushing out of a hazy fog like that may cause serious accidents.


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