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A medical service marketer by profession, fashion design major by education and a model by talent — that’s Eva Skye. The 25-year-old American-Chinese was born in the States, raised in Taiwan till the age of five, before she moved to Los Angeles. A flair in arts and a knowledge in healthcare topped with good looks, Eva is coming our way at Super Import Nights 2012.

Eva_Skye_1Q: This will be your first visit to Singapore, to work at Super Import Nights. What other car shows have you done?

A: I started modeling for fun around 2005 and then started to take it more seriously in 2009. I landed my first race queen job in 2007. Other major import model assignments I’ve done are Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan, SEMA in Las Vegas, Hot Import Night in Los Angeles and the Grand Prix Long Beach; just to name a few.


Q: How different is it being an import model compared to other modeling assignments like fashion shows or commercials?

A: Being an import model, or race queen as some call it, there are a lot more opportunities to interact on a personal level with fans and the crowd. Modeling for fashion shows and commercials is much more different — there is a higher stress level and a lot more pressure depending on the type of fashion show or commercial. Models must follow the specific assignments and tasks given to them and there is not much fun time. At car shows however, a race queen has more room to have fun and be herself.


Q: What are some of the challenges as an import model?

A: Some challenges are trying to distinguish myself from the stereotypical “import model” image and having to deal with occasional disrespectful people on the internet or at shows.


Q: What do you like about this job?

A: I like this job because it’s fun and exciting, and I love meeting people! The best part is I get to travel and work with amazing people from all over the world.


Q: What do you not like about this job then?
A: The only thing I don’t like about this job are the long hours on the plane when I have to travel out of the country, because I can’t wait to get there!

Eva_Skye_2Q: Any memorable experience?

A: My most memorable experience was Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan. The staff and crowd there are so nice and courteous. I was very touched by their hospitality.


Q: How important is it to have an understanding boyfriend?
A: Yes, I am very lucky to have found someone who trusts me and is understanding of my line of work. He handles it with confidence and poise! Haha!


Name: Eva Skye
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: New Jersey
Vital Stats: 33-26-36


*This was first published on Yahoo!

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