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It was all about being natural, being myself and portraying the different facets of my personality through her lens. That was Zurina Bryant‘s objective for my photoshoot – shot using the Hasselblad H4D-31.

I left it to her expertise to interpret my personality and her keywords for this photoshoot were ‘Feminine, Fun and Natural’. A Singapore-based professional photographer who specialises in profiles, Zurina is a fun-loving girly girl at heart and I warmed up to her pretty fast.
Notice the uneven tan lines? That’s a result of shooting motorsports in the sun. I’m not complaining – it’s a tiny price to pay to get justifying shots for the drivers battling it out on the tracks! Ok, I digress.


I’m not in front of the camera often, at least not as often as I’m behind it and especially not with mega studio lights and the works, and I’m also not familiar with the flattering angles of myself. My photoshoot was done on the same day as Linda Black and Oli Pettigrew, media professionals who know how to pose and how to work the camera to their advantage. I was very impressed with the way Linda was striking up poses! Paula Robinson, the Real Housewife of Singapore, was also on set for a retro pin-up shoot!

Looking at the photos, I think Zurina did a good job capturing my personality! She doesn’t go “1… 2… 3…” but rather, she just keeps talking to me and snaps when she sees a good frame. For example, when my smile is too plastered, she will take her eye away from the viewfinder and raise her head, saying “Uh uh… too fake…” and I’ll start laughing and ‘SNAP’ she captures the moment.
It is my first time working with a female portrait photographer and there is no stark difference as opposed to working with a male photographer. Some people might feel more comfortable working with females though, and Zurina has this way of connecting with you quickly so you don’t feel too conscious about the camera, and the huge lights as well. 


For the shot below, I had the chance to be styled by Linda Black – she was teaching me how to stand and how to make use of the shoulders and back, how to stand with a bit of aggression and firmness yet come off stylish and gentle. She is a true professional! That’s 20 years of modeling experience for you! Btw, I remembered something she said to me that day – she said prior to this shoot she went to my website and the words that she saw on my blog (ie. all my car stories) are not words that she will put together. Hahahaha…
Zurina is passionate about profiling people and has an eye for bringing out your personality traits through her shots. Of course, you can have other themes, but it’s good to have one “Be Yourself” collection. 


Here are the well-deserved acknowledgements:




Photography – Zurina Bryant


Thank you Zurina for the brilliant photography and the wonderful opportunity to be profiled by you. (Read her blog entry about this here)


[Contact Zurina at]


Hair & Makeup – Jing Lim


I worked with Jing before (see here) and I liked working with her (great skills, great attitude) so I engaged her services again.


[Contact Jing at 9128 3792 or]

I’m leaving you with some behind-the-scene shots from our shoot that was at Shriro House – yes, we were in a warehouse!


Arrival on set



Laying out the clothes for outfit selection



Getting hair and make-up done





Watching Linda Black the pro model





Waiting for my turn




Getting styled by Linda Black




My turn!





Zurina in action




Rounding off with Mr Cash Cab, Oli Pettigrew!



If you want to see the photos she shot of Linda, Oli and Paula from this shoot, visit her blog at and check out the other personalities she has profiled before.


I’ll be taking Zurina out for go-karting next.. at the track, which is my studio! I think that will be quite an adventure! Stay tuned…

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