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During my last few hours of my sister bonding trip in Taipei, we went to do hair treatment and this is how my hair looked like after:


If you want to find out where I did my hair, then read on to the end!


I saved this for the last of my Taipei posts – XIMENDING!


It’s often referred to as the Shibuya or Harajuku (Japan) of Taipei and I do agree!


Rows and rows of shops for you to browse – mostly street fashion, accessories and food, for both men and women but leaning more to women!


This is the path leading from the Ximen MRT station (take exit 6) to the heart of Ximending:


In the day



At night


Crowded all weekend, regardless of day or night – that’s my point!

403739_338841726150071_131620790205500_1040233_991737171_nThere are some mobile food stalls (similar to the ones you see at Shilin Night Market) that sell yummy Taipei snacks…

407595_337436126290631_131620790205500_1037609_1884289938_nMost of them operate at night around the heart of Ximending, which is what the path directly from the MRT station exit leads to…



393975_338841242816786_131620790205500_1040227_1140076255_nSomething interesting about these mobile food stalls: Don’t be surprised if you are waiting in line to order and the hawker suddenly just ups the push cart and rolls it away. That means the police are here and the hawkers then have to move away from the spot they were originally at. 


We were trying to order this ‘roti prata’-like thing:



This is what it’s called… with various fillings you can choose to have it with:


… So we were trying to order this, when the guy suddenly just stopped what he was doing and rolled the cart away. He moved like 50 metres away to another path (the heart of Ximending is this circular space with many paths branching out from it) and we followed him, but just as we wanted to try and order again, the police came on bikes this time and he pushed the cart back to where he was the first time we saw him.

408775_338841359483441_131620790205500_1040228_1118361833_nSee all of them pushing their carts away in the picture above..


I find it so tiring – having to keep looking out for the police and avoiding them. The police officers don’t actually arrest them (maybe they just randomly fine one or two I don’t know) but they will walk through the area and the hawkers will get out of their way by pushing the carts away.


For example, this kebab guy (picture above) and this corn dog guy (picture below) were behaving rather furtively by looking left and right, because they had to quickly wheel away their stalls to avoid the police!


We really wanted our food so we actually followed the ‘roti prata’ guy around until he could safely serve us. Shortly after we got our food from him, he wheeled away again.. LOL!


Here’s a random sign I saw at a shop – quite cute:


Choosing to stay in the Ximen area was the best decision for our trip! We stayed at Hotel Puri, which was located along one of the inner lanes at Ximending:


The guest rooms are small with no cupboards – just beds, a desk and an open-concept toilet, but its decor was modern and contemporary. Here are pictures I nipped off their website (the rooms really look exactly like that):

inside02-1_aa01inside02-1_aa04We paid only S$80.00 per night so I’m not complaining! Here are the details of the hotel:


Hotel Puri

Address: No. 6 Lane 7 Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108


Tel: +886 (02) 2371 8616


Just outside the hotel, about two shops across and down to the right, is this hair salon called SOZO that charges quite cheap rates for their services. A shampoo and blow dry with a haircut is about NT$200.00 (about S$9.00) – in a rather sophisticated salon too!




Just look out for their bright green round signage (I don’t know why their sign says QROM when their shop name is called SOZO):


This is the inside of the salon (sorry for the yellowy tint of the photo – I was too lazy to correct the white balance!):


… and this is my favourite (and only) sister in the world getting her hair treated for the first time ever in her life!


She has never done anything to her before except wash, cut and blow… never dyed it ever, never even did treatment! So this is her first time doing hair treatment… Did you see the personalised TV screen for each counter?


SOZO Hair Salon

Add: 1F, No. 3 Lane 27 Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108

Tel: (02) 2388 7775

Opening Hours: 12.30pm to 9.00pm


And that brings my Taipei travel log to a close! Thank YOU if you have been following all my posts on Taipei, much much appreciated:) Till my next travel log…


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