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A suncake (太陽餅 or 太阳饼) is a popular Taiwanese dessert originally from the city of Taichung in Taiwan, filled with maltose (condensed malt sugar). Prior to this Taipei trip, I’ve never heard of this suncake. My sister insisted on getting suncakes from this particular brand in Taipei called Leechi.

430338_338838342817076_131620790205500_1040191_425877798_nThere is only one Taipei Leechi store located on Chang-An E. Road and we had to go all the way there just to get their pastries that are not mass-commercially available outside. They are so good that everyone goes to them to get their confectionaries…

427671_338840259483551_131620790205500_1040218_233087343_nTake the MRT to Zhongxiao Xinsheng station, get out at Exit 4, turn right and walk all the way straight till you come to Song Jiang Road which will be horizontally across from the direction you are coming from.


To the right there is a Starbucks and further down the same row you’ll spot the orange neon Taipei Leechi signboard:


The shop is quite hard to miss:


Other than their suncakes, they are famous for their pineapple cakes and mooncakes too:


The suncakes are available in 10s or 20s, costing NT$280 (about S$12.70) for a box of 10 and NT$560 (about S$25.50) for a box of 20 – no discount for buying the bigger box!

402260_338838996150344_131620790205500_1040206_1814911384_nI like how they pull the ribbons from the bar above their heads to tie up the boxes…


She didn’t look too happy because I was snapping one photo too many… Oops!

430835_338838872817023_407666084_nIf you like such pastries and you have some time on your hands, do make a trip to Taipei Leechi.

416854_338839636150280_131620790205500_1040211_53410353_nYou will not regret it!


Taipei Leechi

Address: 73 Chang-An E. Rd., Taipei City

Telephone: (02) 2506 2255

Opening hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm daily

(*Operation hours are subject to change on public holidays and festive occasions.)



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