Sister Bonding @Taipei: Lunching at Modern Toilet

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Having food while sitting on toilet bowls is not something ‘normal’, but that is exactly what diners do at Modern Toilet in Taipei.


This toilet-themed cafe started out as a dessert shop selling ice cream shaped like ‘poo’ in containers shaped like squat toilets. From there, the concept evolved into a full-blown toilet-themed one where customers sit on toilet bowls and eat out of toilet-related containers.

431613_337430636291180_131620790205500_1037530_2105636849_nToday, Modern Toilet has expanded across Taiwan and even Hong Kong [see here for addresses of outlets]. In the area of Ximen where we are putting up, there is one and that was where we headed for lunch this afternoon.


Although I was seated on toilet bowls and eating off bathtubs, it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything and it pretty much felt like a normal cafe – but with a unique decor.



Even the lights are shaped like poo!


Besides the architecture of the cafe, the food and drinks were presented in unique toilet-like ways from milk tea in ‘urinal’-shaped glasses to nuggets in squat toilets.



The first thing that was served was this pee container with really sweet milk tea, which we had to pay a little extra for, and we got to take home the container after that. You know what’s weird? We just bought this pee container for my aging grandfather to use :(


The set meal we ordered came in a miniature toilet bowl with a cute salad bowl topped with a ‘poo’ cover:



The set meal came with dessert too – that’s right, soft serve ice cream shaped like poo!


A minimum order of NT 80.00 (about SGD 3.60) is required per person and you can view their ‘special’ menu here.





The actual toilet within Modern Toilet is nothing spectacular, but check out the sink:



The food was pretty tasty, although I would think the novelty of the dining theme would override any concern about the quality of food…


There are more than 10 outlets so you don’t have to go out of the way to find one. However, I do recommend making a reservation in advance, especially if you intend to go on weekends during lunch or dinner.


Modern Toilet Restaurant



List of outlets here


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