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Sitting right outside my hotel (Keikyu EX Inn at Shinagawa GOOS) was a seafood restaurant. You must be thinking, “Uh huh, and?” Well, look at this photo then:

378590_326088457425398_131620790205500_1010272_381310830_nThat’s right – it’s a SINGAPORE seafood restaurant called Singapore Seafood Republic.


It was lunch time when I walked past so the lunch menu was on display:


There’s chicken rice: 


.. and also noodles like Hokkien Mee, which didn’t look like it’s of the right colour:

395550_326088680758709_131620790205500_1010276_762787131_nBut the highlight of the restaurant had to be the crabs:


There were crab dishes from three famous seafood chains in Singapore: JUMBO, Palm Beach and Seafood International:


The pictures in the menu look really good – I should go back and give them a try next time! There were also side dishes like butter prawns and satay..


I was searching for information about this restaurant on the internet and I found out that this Shinagawa outlet of Singapore Seafood Republic was opened on 2 April 2008, a result of a joint venture between Singaporean companies JUMBO Seafood, Kriston Food & Beverage, Palm Beach Seafood and Seafood International Market & Restaurant, as well as their Japanese counterpart Maruha Restaurant Systems. The purpose of this concept is “to give diners an opportunity to taste authentic signature seafood favourites of Singapore in the heart of the bustling city of Tokyo”.


A second branch was opened in Ginza, Tokyo in December 2008 and a third branch was opened in Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa in October 2010! The Singapore branch features one more renowned local seafood brand - Tung Lok Seafood, in addition to Seafood International Market & Restaurant, Palm Beach Seafood and JUMBO Seafood.


Interesting right? 


It might seem silly to try local fare in Japan, but I’m curious to know how the taste will be like. Give it a try if you are curious too! Just look out for the merlions flaking the entrance:)




Singapore Seafood Republic Shinagawa

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Takanawa 3-13-3

In front of Shingawa GOOS garden

Tel: (81)-3-5449-8080


Singapore Seafood Republic Ginza

Tokyo, Chuo-Ku, Ginza 2-2-14

Marronier Gate, 11 F

Tel: (81)-3-5524-7615


Singapore Seafood Republic

26 Sentosa Gateway

#01-292, Resorts World Sentosa

Singapore 098138

Tel: (65)-6-265-6777

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