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Singapore, 13 January 2011 - Motoring enthusiasts will have the chance to participate as a volunteer race official in this year’s Singapore Formula One Grand Prix. Race promoter Singapore GP will be opening registration to the public from 17 January, 8am, to 27 February 2011. Interested candidates may register via the website


A total of 950 positions are available this year. While Singapore GP expects a retention rate of over 80% from previous years’ race officials, there are still many roles available for the fresh intake of recruits. These include observers, track marshals, flag marshals and fire marshals.


In addition to receiving specialist hands-on training in fire safety and track recovery, selected senior officials will be given attachment opportunities at overseas circuits to gain practical experience. This year, selected senior officials will be sent to Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin in Australia as well as Sepang, Malaysia for training attachments.


“The Singapore Grand Prix has one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated group of race officials who have exceeded expectations at our night race and performed exceptionally well at overseas circuits,” said Colin Syn, Deputy Chairman, Singapore GP Pte Ltd.


“We’re looking forward to welcoming our marshals who will get to learn from the very best, acquire new skills in the process and gain a sense of accomplishment by being part of this prestigious motorsport event.”

Despite having three years of race experience, Singapore GP is continually looking at ways to improve the operational efficiency. “Last year, we sent 17 officials for a gruelling 11-day training course to be certified as Manitou Operators,” said Gabriel Tan, Clerk-of-the-Course, Singapore GP Pte Ltd. “They helped us tremendously during last year’s race where we achieved track time recovery records in two instances.”


The efforts were recognised by Charlie Whiting, FIA Formula One Race Director who commented, “The Singapore Race Officials did an excellent job in 2010, and it was clear that their intensive training program paid off handsomely.” 2 of 3 Trainee race officials can expect to attend approximately seven days of theory and practical training, conducted over weekends. The first module which covers safety aspects, Formula One protocols and basic track and flag signals, will commence in April 2011.


As part of the marshals’ hands-on training, they will get to perform recovery and extrication exercises on a Formula BMW car. Interested participants will need to be 18 and above as of 1 January 2011, physically fit, fluent in written and spoken English, commit to all scheduled training sessions and participate in all four days of the race (22 to 25 September). For the full list of prerequisites, please refer to the official recruitment website


Definitions of Aforementioned Terms & Roles in Formula One Marshal Operations

Race Director: The FIA Race Director, Charlie Whiting, is appointed by the Federation Internationale de lâ Automobile (FIA), works in permanent consultation with the Clerk of the Course and has over-riding authority in a number of matters concerning the conduct of Formula One events, including the starting and stopping of activities on the track, use of the Safety Car, scheduling of activities and discipline of Formula One competitors and drivers.

Clerk-of-the-Course: The Clerk-of-the-Course, Gabriel Tan, works closely with the Race Director and primarily controls all race activities, and other activities where circuit safety and functioning may be involved, in accordance with the regulations and scheduling drawn up for the Meeting. All other marshals report to the Clerk of the Course in respect of the conduct of track activities.

Track Marshal: One of the most versatile marshals around the circuit, a Track Marshal’s duties include helping drivers whose race has prematurely ended, assisting the Fire & Medical personnel, sweeping the track and assisting the Recovery crews. The Track Marshals are also expected to check the track thoroughly between each session in order to remove all debris that could cause a hazard to the competitors using the track.

Recovery Specialist: These marshals, normally attached to a crane or trailer, are responsible for recovering the stopped vehicles from around the circuit as soon as possible and return them to the Paddock, or Scrutiny Bay as appropriate.

Flag Marshal: Appointed to each Marshal control post around the circuit, the primary role of a Flag Marshal is to relay information to drivers through the use of relevant flags in accordance to signals laid down by FIA regulations.

Fire & Rescue Marshal: A Fire & Rescue Marshal, commonly a professional or civil firefighter trained in fire-fighting procedures, is responsible for fire-fighting coverage in respect of vehicular fires on the circuit.

Observers: Observers report on incidents during racing and practice, usually by radio in the first instance. They follow that up with a written report, which may cover driving standards and behavior, mechanical problems, spilling petrol, loose bodywork and other safety related issues or crashes, spin and the like. This reporting process may also be used to identify hazard or engineering matters that require attention.

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