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Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Shanghai Dolly in attendance of the 2011 Singapore Blog Awards organised by I’ve never been to one before and this year I was nominated before becoming a finalist in the Best Individual Blog category.


I felt that my blog didn’t really fall under this category, as it is more for blogs that have daily rantings and musings on life, but I didn’t really fit into the other categories as well. Maybe they can create a Best Specialty Blog or Best Niche Blog category next year for blogs like mine! 


Then again, I’m trying to branch out and cover all other aspects of life instead of restricting to just motoring and motorsports… so anyone of you reading this and has non-motoring related opportunities for me, feel free to approach me ok! Be it sports, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, health, wealth, business, career… 


Darling Silver Ang agreed to accompany me as my guest; although it ended up feeling like I was the guest as I don’t know any of the bloggers there! 

254730_234164303284481_131620790205500_735460_2716084_nYes, that’s me alright… The lighting is a bit dim but it is me! It’s not every day that you get to see me in such a get-up so treasure this picture! Hahaha!


Silver introduced me to the famous twins Jiayi and Jiaqi, or Hayley and Jayley! They’re so cute…

284740_234164166617828_131620790205500_735454_7665303_nAnd I finally got to meet Mint Leong! She’s a good friend of Silver’s and Mint said she has seen me at events before, but only now do we get formally introduced… Mint is not usually dressed like that btw; she took the trouble to style herself as Liang Popo and that trouble came to success when she won the Female Best Dressed Award!

253324_234164226617822_131620790205500_735457_158523_nOOH and guess who came too – SUPERADRIANME! So nice to see him and Dennis!

224430_234164249951153_131620790205500_735458_6353800_nMore cam-whoring, including a picture with the Acting Minister of Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports - Major-General (NS) Chan Chun Sing:


liveshare1311506291It’s a great honour to have a Minister gracing this event and I’m glad the government is paying more attention to social media and its powerful online influence.

284274_234165576617687_131620790205500_735467_7944256_nIt was time for the award presentation, where they gave out the six sponsored categories first (including two celebrity categories) before the remaining 10 categories. 


I’m a finalist in the Best Individual Blog - defined as individualistic blogs with strong character and free-wheeling content about daily lives and musings. That doesn’t really describe my blog right? Well, maybe I’m just consoling myself because I DIDN’T WIN! 

270033_234164429951135_131620790205500_735464_2477868_nWell, it is an official step into the blogosphere no less and I hope to be involved in’s blogging events and activities, including advertorials, so in future I won’t feel so lost at such an event! Everyone seemed to know everybody and I honestly felt a bit out of place, but thanks to Silver I got to know other bloggers!

262521_234164396617805_131620790205500_735463_2929069_nAhhhh.. here are two familiar faces! How comforted I was to see them! That’s Edmund Tay, daddy blogger and Daphne Ling, mummy blogger, who won the Best Family Blog! Edmund was the one who won the $5,000 worth of fuel from the Shell FuelSave Challenge btw… 


I didn’t win any of the lucky draw prizes, which included a $20 Capitaland voucher (yes $20…) and an ASUS Lamborghini wireless mouse. Now I could have done with that mouse maybe…


So I went home empty-handed, save for the goodie bag at the door on the way out, but nonetheless it was a good experience into the world of blogging and I hope to take this blog to further and higher heights!


Will you come with me?


[For more information on Singapore Blog Awards, see here.]

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