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Starting today, I will be going on air weekly on 883JIA FM’s <<大家早上好>> The Good Morning Show with DJs Kay and Robin, to share car mateinance tips with listeners! 


883JIA FM is the only bilingual radio station in Singapore, but hold on – I will actually be speaking in Mandarin! Please forgive me if my Mandarin isn’t ‘up to standard’, but I will keep trying!


This morning was the first episode and I was sharing about how we shouldn’t wash our cars under the hot sun - 大太阳天不适合洗车, 烈日下洗车会伤车漆。


A lot of people think that washing cars under the bright sun will actually help to dry the car faster, but you are actually hurting your car’s paint!

很多车主喜欢在烈日下洗车, 但大家可能不知道,大太阳天其实最不适合洗车,特别是中午日照最强烈的时候。


Yes, your car may dry faster but actually over time, your car paint will lose its shine.

在烈日下洗车,虽然强光能尽快晒干车身上的水,但水滴在蒸发前却会在车漆上产生局部高温现象, 时间久了,车漆便会失去光泽。


Not just car washing, but don’t do waxing under direct sunlight too; as it will cause your car paint to become uneven.



Hence, it is best to wash or wax your car under shelter, during a cloudy day, early in the morning or late in the evening.

所以,洗车打蜡最好是在有遮蔽的条件下进行, 最好选在阴天或是晴天的早晨、上午或傍晚, 太阳光不那么强的时候进行。


There you go! Hope that was useful:)


Kay and Robin are great to work with and I think it is cool to have a bilingual show to cater to a wider range of listeners. They were talking about how, at first glance, I don’t look like someone who knows much about cars or even has an interest in cars. 


They ran a contest on their Facebook page this morning, in conjunction with my segment:


The question was: Guess what Cheryl will be talking about on the show today – a) health, b) makeup, c) cars?


Here’s a glance at some of the answers:


Isn’t it interesting? Then again, it’s the photo… If I was holding my racing helmet it would have been too obvious!


Tune in to 883JIA FM next Wednesday morning for the next car maintenance tip from me:)


Thank you 883JIA FM for giving me this great opportunity to share car knowledge with motorists and helping them to take better care of their cars…


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