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For some reason, it isn’t easy to find a suitable pair of shades (ie. sunglasses) for me because my face shape is just… unique. I have a rather long, yet slightly chubby face. To top that off, my face is quite small so when I wear the typical women’s type of shades (those huge round kind), most of my face gets covered and I end up looking like a housefly!


See, these are the typical shades that women wear:







Ok maybe because they are hot, so any pair of shades will look good on them. But back to my point, I searched high and low, amongst a spectrum of brands from the pasar malam $10 kind to Chanel/Prada/Gucci and I just cannot find one that looks good on me… until I found this particular Oakley pair.





It’s called Oakley Compulsive Squared (Clear/VR50 Brown Gradient), part of the Oakley ladies’ range hence it comes with a WHITE specs bag. When I put it on, I immediately knew it was THE ONE.


FINALLY!! After years and years of hunting, trying on pair after pair of shades, I finally finally found a pair of shades that suits me. I don’t just like it, I LOVE IT!




I mean, there are many other pairs of shades from various brands that I like but they just didn’t look good on me. To be honest I didn’t know Oakley had such un-sporty-like shades, hence I never bothered to look that way. The salesman at the random store I was in one day just took out multiple pairs of shades from many many brands and let me try them all on – including this Oakley pair.




I know the Oakley brand is a bit of a turn-off, as it’s not Gucci or Chanel or Prada, but this particular design is capable of fitting into many occasions! The above picture was me at Formula Drift, shooting amid the tyre dust.




Then this one above is classy – with a pretty dress and heels!




Or you can just use it anywhere, anytime, as long as you feel like it! (Of course don’t wear it in the night please…) It’s very light as the frame is made of plastic, but yet it doesn’t look cheap doesn’t it?


It costs about $400 in Singapore, but you can get it online at the Oakley U.S. store at US$150 (before shipping).


I like this pair of shades so much that I have two of it, exactly the same model! GRIN :D


Just as well that I have a ‘backup’ pair, look what happened:




I usually wear it everyday when I drive, but for the past few days I was in such a hurry to drive off that I didn’t have time to dig around my handbag for it so it was neglected.


Then this morning when I took it out I got a SHOCK! Omg, what happened to it man? My heart sank because it’s my favourite pair of shades:( Yes I have a spare pair but still…


Now I feel like going to buy it again! Hmmm my trip to Long Beach in two weeks is perfect!!! :D


(Btw, this tainted pair was a gift from the ex-boyfriend and it has lasted me almost two years, literally travelling the world with me and soaking up all my perspiration from the various races. A well-deserved life it lived!)



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