Runaway to Bangkok!

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I just did something crazy!


At 2am on Saturday morning (meaning past midnight on Friday) I booked myself a flight out of Singapore and landed myself in Thailand 10 hours later. I could have been earlier if I had booked the 6am flight!


I have this weekend free – the next few weekends are tied up – and there are some personal matters that I need time to myself for, so I thought, hey I’ll just scoot off!


I thought of leaving my handphone and laptop at home too and making it like a pure retreat of some sort, but I thought otherwise. (Not that I cannot live without them, but work will call and I have to be responsible!)


So here I am in Bangkok and I took a very clean and big tuk-tuk from Forum Park Hotel where I’m putting up. This hotel is part of Max’s business.. Max was the emcee at Formula Drift Singapore!


After settling down in the hotel and fighting to get internet access (my pink Sony Vaio lappie cannot connect to the wireless for some reason so I had to borrow a laptop from Max), his secretary Eve (who works as a race queen and I will get her photos up here soon) took me to the mall in the tuk-tuk!


We got a prepaid SIM card for me so I can call all I want without bursting my phone bill and then we went to the hair salon! I haven’t visited a hair salon since last December after Formula Drift Malaysia when my sister flew up to KL to join me and I went to curl my hair. I trimmed my hair, got a head massage hair wash and then got my straight hair back!


I miss having straight hair!


It was onto my first meal of the day yesterday, which also was my first meal in Thailand. Eve asked me what I wanted to eat and I requested for Phad Thai! I don’t know why but I looooove eating Phad Thai…


It tastes different from the one I usually eat at Thai Express in Singapore, nothing beats the real thing!


This was dinner btw, so we just walked around the Central Rama III mall for a bit. I also ask to check out the supermarket whenever I go to a foreign country -

1. To get snacks and drinks for the hotel room in case I get hungry at night.

2. To see what interesting things they have that Singapore doesn’t usually get


Look what I found – Golden Oreo! Isn’t this so cute? I’m so used to Oreo being dark brown and giving you speckled teeth. This one doesn’t make your teeth black!


And look what I found! POCKY LYCHEE! This wasn’t found at the supermarket but at the BOOKSTORE!


I first tried it in March when we came up for the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 tyre launch and I spotted it at the convenience store in the airport. Thereafter, Jackson (Editor of Wheels Asia) and I wanted to find it so we could bring it back to Singapore but we couldn’t find it.


Hence, when I see this anywhere I’m just gonna grab them all.


Alright, today’s my only full day of my Bangkok weekend runaway… I promise more photos this time!


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