Rotax Max Challenge & Asia Max Challenge 2012 Round 2: Singaporean report

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This is the third consecutive Rotax race I’ve attended at PLUS Speedway – The Rotax Invitational Race in January and Round 1 in February were both held at PLUS Speedway too! 


Anyway, this time the Singaporean racing contingent was smaller with only 6 drivers – Josh Lee, Amin Noorzilan, Daim Hishammudin, Jon Lee, Sean Hudspeth and Ang Kok Wee. Drivers who are non-Singaporean but racing under the Singaporean licence are Harry Scott and Clinton Suryabara.


Amin did very well to achieve his first ever RMC podium finish and it could have been double joy for the Singaporean Junior karters, but Daim met with an incident in the final and fell all the way to the back. 


Here are the score cards for the Singaporean karters at Round 2 of the Rotax Max Challenge & Asia Max Challenge 2012:



(11 drivers)

Josh Lee

Drakar Racing

Donned in his “Glenn Chiam” racing suit (a hand-me-down from former Drakar Racing driver Glenn Chiam who is currently not racing in karts anymore but whose father is mechanic to Josh now), Josh remains the sole Singaporean in the Micromax category.


Qualifying – 5th

Heat 1 – 5th

Heat 2 – 6th

Pre-Final – 7th

Final – 11th




(28 drivers)

Amin Noorzilan

Simon Racing

Amin was happy to be back on pace and fighting in the front. Achieving his first RMC podium finish, Amin was all smiles and a well-deserved trophy for him it is!


Qualifying – 4th

Heat 1 – 4th

Heat 2 – 5th

Pre-Final – 7th

Final – 4th



Daim Hishammudin

BHPetrol Racing

Having finished 2nd at Round 1, Daim was headed for a possible top-three finish but a mistake made during the final saw him relegated to the end of the pack. Ouch for the ego and the championship points!


Qualifying – 5th

Heat 1 – 3rd

Heat 2 – 2nd

Pre-Final – 3rd

Final – 26th



Jon Lee 

Drakar Racing

Jon was struggling with his kart and it wasn’t too good a weekend for him as he lingered towards the end of the grid, finally not even finishing the race. I hope his debut in the Junior category gets better as we progress through the season.


Qualifying – 21st

Heat 1 – DNF

Heat 2 – 25th

Pre-Final – 25th

Final – DNF




(27 drivers)

Sean Hudspeth

IS Racing

The entire team was facing engine and setup problems and Sean’s kart was not spared either. He was quite quick during the morning warm-up laps when he was 8th fastest, but qualifying was a disaster as he didn’t get a clear run for a hot lap before his new tyres went off. He did what he could and 12th place was pretty decent!


Qualifying – 19th

Heat 1 – 12th

Heat 2 – DNF

Pre-Final – 13th

Final – 12th




(13 drivers)

Ang Kok Wee

BHPetrol Racing

Ang was one of the two Singaporeans that went to the Rotax World Finals 2011 in United Arab Emirates (the other one was Daim) at the end of last year. He missed Round 1 of this championship due to family commitments, but was back this round. His team-mate and fellow Singaporean Gary Koh met with an accident during Friday practice and hence could not race the rest of the weekend.


Qualifying – 10th

Heat 1 – 9th

Heat 2 – 8th

Pre-Final – 9th

Final – 6th

For more of my photos from this race, view here.


The next round of the Rotax Max Challenge & Asia Max Challenge 2012 will be held on 12 – 13 May at Sepang. (FINALLY! The three Rotax races I attended this year have all been at PLUS Speedway! :p )

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