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There was a period of time about six years ago during my junior college days when there was a huge cupcake craze.


Instead of the traditional birthday cake, people started having pretty cupcakes full of colours according to a certain theme that can go from as simple as fairy tale to as cool as a football club. I’ve ordered cupcakes before on a few occasions – for my own birthday and for some friends as well.


Cupcakes for my 21st birthday in 2007 from Cupcake Momma



Manchester United themed cupcakes ordered in 2009 from Cupcake Momma for a birthday surprise



It was quite a clever yet simple idea really and soon stay-home mothers and their daughters or groups of buddies started setting up their customised cupcake businesses.


Room for Dessert was one of the few pioneers in this trade. It started as an online bakery in December 2003 by a group of friends who are passionate bakers.


It was first a hobby where the owners enjoyed baking and soon it became a home-based operation in one of the partners’ kitchens. But when business picked up a larger space was needed and hence the move to their Waterloo Centre shop front which is where they still operate from today.


Room for Dessert offers a good variety of cakes and cupcakes in their trademark flavours Summertime Carrot Cake and Choc-A-Lot, and they also produce cupcakes and novelty cakes with customisation and special designs for occasions.


These house specialties form the base of all their confectionaries and are available for takeaway at their shop front at Waterloo Centre, otherwise pre-orders have to be made via their website, by phone or at the shop.


Depending on the complexity of the design theme, the cakes at Room for Dessert are generally reasonably priced.


This 1.5kg customised Nissan 350Z Fairlady Roadster replica cake that I ordered for a friend’s birthday back in 2010 cost a little under S$150 and on top of that, tastes great too! I really love their Choc-A-Lot – not too sweet with no compromise on flavour!




Just for reference, this is the actual car that the cake is modelled after:


It looks quite realistic right? Just for fun – look what happened to the cake after cutting:






Should you have any ideas or initial concepts brewing in your mind, write them an email and explore the possible designs that they can provide. Taste, appearance and price are the three strongest points that the cakes at Room for Dessert pride themselves on.


Take your car to Waterloo Centre and treat yourself to a slice of their house specialities Summertime Carrot Cake or Choc-A-Lot, it’s worth the drive!


Room for Dessert

Blk 261 Waterloo Street

#01-42 Waterloo Centre

Singapore 180261

T: 6337 7637




Opening Hours

Mon, Tue: 3pm – 7pm

Wed – Fri: 11am – 7pm

Sat: 10am – 2pm

Closed on Sun and PH

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