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To learn more about the new Reebok One Series running shoes, I was invited for a workshop at CrossFit Fire City. Together with seven other bloggers, we spent a good part of a Saturday morning learning about running techniques and how choosing the right shoes can help you run more efficiently.

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The Reebok One Series represents an interesting running innovation, as the shoes under this collection is built from back to front, instead of bottom up. Built in zones from back to front, this “Zoned” technology mimics the way the foot moves, to help the runner through each phase of the Gait Cycle. The gait cycle starts when one foot makes contact with the ground and ends when that same foot contacts the ground again.

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Gathering at CrossFit Fire City, we were given Reebok outfits and the new shoes so we could try them out immediately. The one that most of us got was the V47302 One Series Cushion – distinguished by its bright splash of colours of neon yellow, blue and grey.

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The shoes felt a bit tight at the upper part where the tongue is, but if I got a size bigger than my toe would be too far from the front. Some additional loosening of the laces at the top settled that quickly though.

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On a side note, I was so happy that the Reebok outfits we got came in PINK!!

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Once we got changed, we went for a briefing by Coach Samuel Lim, head coach of CrossFit Fire City and the only Reebok-sponsored athlete in Singapore. We introduced ourselves and then he told us briefly what CrossFit is about. If you are wondering what we are doing at a CrossFit box for a running workshop… well, Reebok is the sponsor of the CrossFit Games and hence it wasn’t surprising that CrossFit Fire City had prominent Reebok branding.

Anyway, to sum it up, the CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” The CrossFit methodology is empirical, meaning workouts can be defined, measured and repeated. Workouts contain elements of gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning. Coach Samuel also pointed out that it is a global community and across the world, CrossFitters can relate to one another easily. I’ve not tried CrossFit before, but I intend to… one day.

After the introductions were done, we got started with the Reebok One Series running workshop. First, warming up!

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We moved outdoors for the rest of the workshop – thankfully it was a sunny, but not too hot, day. To get us into the mood, we went for a short jog around the car park.

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Coach Samuel then explained the Reebok One Series in more detail.

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The objective of the Reebok One Series is to give the runner the smoothest run possible. While a typical running shoe is broken into discrete sections and then glued or stitched back together, the Reebok One Series has all its components  is seamlessly fused together to feel like one continuous smooth system. That’s where the “One” in its name came from.

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The Reebok One Cushion is designed to maximise comfort and performance for runners with a neutral gait, whereas the Reebok One Guide (another shoe in the Series – see the odd baby blue shoe in the photo below) is created for mild to moderate pronators.

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Coach Samuel then got us to run one by one so he could video it down and analyse it with some app on his iPad.

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Through the app, we could see how our feet land when running and most of us were landing heel first. Ideally, we should be landing with a midfoot strike.

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To help us improve our running styles, he put us through some hops and running on the spot.

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After that we ran one by one again and this time we were running better.

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Ending off the session was a quick workout of round-the-carpark sprints and 30 squats – just three sets for time and we were done!

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Reebok One Series (23) (640x427)


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The colours of the shoes are really very striking and it would probably be good for me since I usually run at night. NO IT DOESN’T COME IN PINK!!! As that was the first time using the shoes, we had to do some breaking in of the shoe, but I could feel that it helped to correct the running style. I took it for a quick 6km run the next night and I found that my feet felt a bit heavy – that could be because my usual running shoes are a lot lighter. These shoes will do good as training shoes so that when we switch to lighter shoes for competitions or marathons, the feet will feel a lot lighter. It helps!

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Yes, that was Coach Samuel lifting me off the ground like a cookie because I was making fun of him earlier. My BFF Daphne also got lifted onto his shoulders, oops. YAY I’m happy I had Daphne with me for this workshop!

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The Reebok One Series Collection comes in both men’s and ladies’ styles and is available at Stadium and selected Royal Sporting House stores from July 2013 onwards.

Here’s a video of the Reebok One Series Bloggers Boot Camp:

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