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We all know that car exhibitions aren’t always about the wheels. Half, or maybe even more, of the ticket sales come from the many men armed with cameras and eyes for the girls only. I can’t even bring myself to call all of them photographers because they are not! (What does that make me then?!)

TAS SG (52)

Although it is primarily a car show, I am dedicating this post to all the models who worked at the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore because they deserve it for their hard work and the sh*t they have to put up with. Some might say they ask for it for dressing so skimpily, but it is what they are tasked to do anyway. 

TAS SG (10)

Where credit is due, these ladies do drive up ticket sales and crowd numbers with little cloth! At Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore, there were 10 of them from Japan (called the J Girls), 16 from the AKB48 singing group, four from Taiwan (the LAVA Girls) and the rest from Singapore.

TAS SG (41)

The J Girls only came out at specific times on stage, before walking around to selected booths to pose for photos. Needless to say, the crowds gathered at the stage way before their stipulated times and then followed the girls all around from booth to booth.

TAS SG (2)

The sweet-faced J Girls were all smiles and they really enjoyed themselves, performing for the crowds.

TAS SG (1)

I got to interview four of them – of whom, one can speak English and one can speak Mandarin Chinese.

TAS SG (30)

It is interesting to find out more about their jobs and also, being in heels all day isn’t as tiring as we think. That’s what they said!

AKB48, the Japanese girl group, contains about 87 members and they go around performing  and singing in smaller groups.

TAS SG (33)

They aren’t race queens or car show girls, but they sure had their share of fans who queued overnight at the stage just to see them!

TAS SG (47)

Besides the Japanese, the girls that drew a lot, a lot of attention were the Taiwanese girls. From the group LAVA Girls, three of them were sent out for this assignment and their more-than-ample bosoms were hard not to notice.

TAS SG (11)

These same three were here at Super Import Nights last year along with a few more members of their group. They aren’t just models, but are professional dancers as well. Milky (whose real name is Jocelyn Kao), to the right of the photos top and bottom, holds a regular job in a club where she dances.

TAS SG (48)

Hired by Westlake Performance Tyres, they danced a few times a day before posing with the cars. I find it amazing how everything is held in place as they dance vigorously without having anything fall out.

TAS SG (50)

I spoke with all three of them and I came out of the interviews feeling rather envious – not because they have all these men drooling over them, but because they don’t need to watch what they eat! They are about the same age as me, so it’s not about me being older and having a slower metabolism or something.

TAS SG (27)

They honestly eat whatever they want (eg. they were eating McDonald’s everyday at the show and they finish up the entire meal) and they attribute their figures to their dance training. When they are not performing, they rehearse everyday.

TAS SG (22)

They have had their share of bad experiences as well. Alyshia (the one in the photos above) fell while performing and was out for two months after that. Try dancing in platforms – that’s crazy. As for Milky, she was unfortunately molested before on the job.

TAS SG (13)

You may not think it, but it does take courage to go out there and be at scrutiny for the public eye(s).

TAS SG (37)

The tough part of their jobs, beyond dolling up and posing for photos, is being subject to public criticism.

TAS SG (9)

Nowadays with everything online, it is very easy to comment without people finding out who you are.

TAS SG (44)

Comments flow freely and sometimes these girls don’t even know what is being said about them.

TAS SG (23)

There are a few places where these photos will be posted, such as news portals or photography forums, but it is generally impossible to track down where every photo lands up.

TAS SG (4)

Besides the Japanese and the Taiwanese, the rest of the show was peppered with local models, whom you might find familiar because you see them at other shows such as the IT Fair or Boat Asia.

TAS SG (15)

I’m not complaining though – are you?

TAS SG (34)

After a while, if you shoot at these events enough, they will recognise you and then it’ll be easier to get their photos the next time around.

TAS SG (18)

TAS SG (29)

Although the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore may have fallen short of some expectations, I enjoyed myself because I see it as a form of gathering for all automotive enthusiasts. You get almost everyone in the trade at the same place at the same time and that’s how opportunities grow!

TAS SG (7)

You bump into friends you otherwise may not have had time to catch up with; you meet regular players and new players of the trade; you learn about new gossip…

TAS SG (12)

I hope there can be more car shows in Singapore, but I also understand how tough the Singapore automotive market conditions are.

View more of my Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore photos here.

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