Pirelli equips the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster with bespoke P Zero tyres

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The technical partnership between Pirelli and Lamborghini has grown even stronger. The Milan-based firm has developed made-to-measure P Zero tyres for the new Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster. The P Zero range is made up of Ultra High Performance tyres designed to meet the needs of the most powerful cars in the world.

New Pirelli P Zero on the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster - 02_1

The new Pirelli-equipped Roadster was presented to the international press last week at the Homestead circuit and on normal roads in Florida, USA.

For the occasion, the new Italian supercar used the new +1” fitment, with 255/30ZR20 tyres at the front and 355/25ZR21 tyres at the rear.

During the presentation, the journalists were able to sample the new car’s full performance, using P Zero Corsa tyres as well as P Zero. P Zero Corsa is part of Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance range that is specially developed for racetracks, accentuating the power and performance of the new Roadster.

The bespoke P Zero tyres for the latest Lamborghini are the result of a close collaboration between Pirelli’s engineers and those of Lamborghini, who were able to develop an innovative solution that guaranteed the best stability, comfort and handling on a car capable of accelerating from 0-100kph in just three seconds and reaching a maximum speed of 350kph.

The development work carried out by Pirelli’s technicians particularly concentrated on the rolling circumference of the tyres. In order to best respond to the needs of the Lamborghini’s four-wheel drive system, structures built with special materials and firmer compounds were used. This contains the deformation of the tyre and maintains the high performance and rolling characteristics in all usage conditions.

The new P Zero tyres have been designed to provide maximum grip and react quickly to changing speeds throughout the rev range, in order to transmit all the car’s power cleanly onto the ground.

The tyres are made at Pirelli’s state of the art facility in Settimo Torinese, near Turin, which uses Pirelli’s unique ‘Next Mirs’ technology. This system is the latest evolution of Pirelli’s fully robotised tyre production process. The compounds are precisely formulated thanks to Pirelli’s Continuous Compound Mixing (CCM) system, the most advanced compound mixing process in the industry, which is also used for motorsport.

In developing this latest evolution of the P Zero tyre, Pirelli’s engineers made use of the experience gained through motorsport, using cutting-edge modelling programmes to gather data and test tyres ‘virtually’, in a wide variety of usage conditions under very different loads.


The P Zero range was launched in 2007 as Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance tyre. High safety standards, enhanced road holding, driveability and comfort are its key characteristics, together with reduced braking distances. Special nano-composites in the compounds of the tread pattern and bead allow for both driver comfort and sporting performance.

The three deep longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern ensure maximum grip on wet surfaces as well as acoustic comfort. Its structure contains any deformation in the profile right up to 370kph. P Zero is available in 130 different versions, from /50 to /25, and for 17-inch to 21-inch wheels.


Singapore is the regional headquarters for Pirelli, the Italian tyre brand, in the ASEAN region. Since Pirelli established its presence in Singapore in 2010, the company has been steadily increasing its market share locally as well as across the region.

In Singapore, Pirelli offers innovative performance tyres for a wide range of cars from European to Japanese and Korean makes. Its product portfolio complements the increasing population of premium and luxury cars on the roads of Singapore. It includes green performance tyres like the Pirelli Cinturato P7, the flagship Pirelli P Zero ultra-high-performance tyres as well as its newest addition, the high-tech premium Cinturato P1 tyre developed for large and medium-sized cars.

As the official F1 tyre supplier, Pirelli is the fastest-growing premium tyre brand in the world. More than just a tyre company, Pirelli is about embracing the finer things in life, whether it is through the arts with its Pirelli Calendar, or fashion with the Pirelli PZero Moda line.

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