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bmcn101lSome people find it a hassle to even get their car washed, let alone take the effort to groom their car. Ideally, we would all like to groom our car as frequently and as regularly as possible so that we can have a nice, clean car to drive in, but reality unfortunately often opposes ideals. Also, car grooming is not just for expensive cars – every car is good enough to be groomed!

We groom ourselves every day in little ways from taking a shower, brushing your teeth, washing your face to doing facials, waxing and manicures (for the ladies). In fact, we groom our houses too – like sweeping and mopping to the floor or doing a thorough vacuum. Well, it is not entirely false that grooming ourselves may not be as tedious as grooming a car, but at the same time, there are ways for easy and convenient car grooming.

Living in a city like Singapore where life is generally fast-paced and highly-stressed, any free time out of the hectic work schedules and family obligations is just wanted to be spent snoring away in bed. I will admit that I am guilty of not grooming my car as regularly as I should – I do wash my car and vacuum the interior every 2 weeks and grooming should not differ I know.

When I say car grooming, many people will give the look of repugnance because they start thinking about the time and equipment involved, such as having to take it to the workshop and leave it there for hours or doing it yourself for hours. With the evident increasing independence of women in Singapore, females are starting to take more ownership of their cars, but the idea of car grooming does not come as appealing as going for a hair treatment. Then I came across a solution that might interest both men and women…

Two months ago, I was introduced to Permanon – a German brand that specialises in protecting many non-porous surfaces – not just cars, but also yachts, airplanes, trains, buildings and swimming pools. [Watch a video of Permanon’s products here.]


In particular, I got to witness the effects of Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant for myself. The beauty of Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant is that it does not require too much effort to maintain the car after it is being groomed. This hits a sweet spot and is perfect for car owners who want that professional shine and protection for their rides which is not too overly complicated or too time consuming, hence not turning away the ladies.


A grooming session (exterior only) usually takes about one to 2.5 hours depending on your car’s condition and size. Application of Permanon is done by the specialists from Beacon Enterprise, exclusive distributor for Permanon in Singapore, and the service is delivered in the comfort of your own home with their mobile car grooming services.

Thereafter, the maintenance process for Permanon is honestly minimal with huge cost savings. For the next 3 to 6 months, you don’t need to have another two-hour session and can just easily do your own maintenance (that takes no more than 45 minutes) with a DIY kit.

I’ll walk you through the Permanon grooming session –

A first of its kind in the car grooming industry, a 3-layer grooming process was performed on my car:

First layer – Wash, shampoo and clay bar of the car before applying Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant for a thoroughly clean surface

Second layer – Application of Beacon Enterprise’s in-house Gloss Enhancer for extra shine

Third layer – Application of Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant coating again

Through the naked eye, we are only able to tell if the surface is clean or dirty; or you can touch it and feel if it is smooth or rough. Under a microscopic view, you can see “pits and crevices” of the surface clearly and when not filled up, dust, dirt and bacteria will enter these holes. Permanon fills up these ‘holes’ and hence protects the surface:


Only three products were used on my car for the entire process:

If you notice, Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant is applied twice – The first time to protect the car surface and the second time to protect the Gloss Enhancer, helping to retain the shine.

1. Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant


With Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant, you just need one product to get your car surface, windscreens and tyre rims protected. It can even be used on your car interior surfaces, so that’s savings for you as you don’t have to get multiple products for the different parts of your car!

It is a proper nano sealant and not a quick detailer wax [More details about it here.] In addition, Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant has been certified by Boeing for use on aircraft and has also been endorsed by global companies such as Jotun and Lamborghini Sydney. [More testimonials can be viewed here or on the Beacon Enterprise Facebook page.]

2. BrilliantShine 2-in-1 Shampoo


BrilliantShine is a result of Beacon Enterprise’s in-house research and development efforts, developed for the busy car owner in mind. It is a concentrated 2-in-1 car wash shampoo that contains high quality cleaning agents to make cleaning vehicles a breeze and does not contain any abrasive. Formulated to be 100% compatible with Permanon, this means you will never ever wash away the Permanon coating. No rinsing is required for BrilliantShine 2-in-1 shampoo and there is no soapy feeling when in use.

3. Gloss Enhancer

Another in-house product by Beacon Enterprise, this was created to enhance Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant and give the car an added shine on top of being protected from the forces of nature.

I left my car in the hands of the Beacon guys at the covered car park and went to have a drink. After the session, I was pleasantly greeted with a ‘moving mirror’ made out of my car! Note how the colours are a lot more vibrant and brighter after the session…


I was genuinely impressed with the clear reflections of the surroundings on my car:







At the end of my grooming session, the guys from Beacon Enterprise shared with me on general car care information and knowledge, as well as proper usage of Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant for my DIY. They are not just there to groom your car and leave after the job is completed, but they believe in educating customers, so they can protect their ride themselves and gain a sense of personal satisfaction (like “Yay! I kept my car groomed myself!”). Through their sharing, I picked up some important learning points, such as the hallmark of a good nano-sealant:

What Makes a Good Nano-Sealant:

(1) Allows dirt and dust to wash off completely, while easily shedding contaminants
This reduces probability of abrasion frequency and hence reduces tendency of swirl marks on your car surface. Wiping the same car surface frequently with a piece of cloth or using machinery will increase the probability of swirl marks as high pressure is being exerted. With nano-sealants such as Permanon, the contaminants simply rest on the coating and all you need to do is to simply use water to rinse off the contaminants before wiping gently with a piece of micro-fibre cloth.

(2) Provides UV Protection

Protects paintwork from ultraviolet dulling effect, birds dropping and pollutants and gives you nearly 100% UV life extension (that means if your paintwork is supposed to give you 5 years mileage, this will prevent gloss loss, yielding you another 5 years).

(3) Non-Toxic and Biodegradable

The ingredient in the sealant must not be harmful to the user and must not cause damage to the car in the long run; one example is Silicium (Si), a primary component of glass with a hardness level of 7 (Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness) that is found in Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant contains Si, making it resistant to heat, most solvents and contaminants.

(4) Gives hydrophobic effect to allow water to repel effectively

(5) No juddering effect on wipers

(6) Has high temperature resistance

For example, Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius, but waxing might “melt” under high temperature (especially above 40 degrees Celsius).

(7) Easy to use, not requiring any use of machines and no baking or curing needed.

In the case of Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant, its Si14 elements are water-based and connect electro-statically rather than being chemically bonded to a surface, hence can be easily and rapidly sprayed on to all types of non-porous surfaces, immediately bonding to the car surface due to electrostatic charges.

Grooming using Permanon is really convenient, especially for those who are very busy and have no time to groom the car themselves. If you really don’t have time to even do the DIY follow-up (that takes approximately 30-45 minutes on average) over the next 3 to 6 months before the next session, you can just rinse your car with water quickly.

The Beacon Enterprise DIY kit comes with Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant and BrilliantShine 2-in-1 Shampoo, as well as a spray bottle and chamois cloth. Simply mix some Permanon with water in the spray bottle, spray it on your car surface, tyre rims and windscreen, then use the micro-fibre cloth to spread the Permanon. Rinse your car with water after that and you’re done.


The Permanon car grooming session by Beacon Enterprise costs no more than S$250 depending on the type of car, condition of the car and type of grooming. This includes the mobile grooming service at a preferred location of your choice.

There are no grooming packages, but rather, they encourage car owners to get the DIY kit (now on promotion at only S$85). If you feel that you don’t have time to even do the DIY sessions, then you can just use water to rinse as I mention earlier. You can use other brands of shampoo to wash your car if you like but be careful that it does not contain ‘wash and wax’ elements; just use normal shampoo without wax content to ensure maximum durability of the coating.

Since the initial grooming session, I have not done any DIY sessions or washed my car (unless you count rain wash) and my car is doing fine! What about you? When was the last time you groomed your car? Or have you even groomed your car before? ;)


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