Volvo and Polestar

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Volvo + Polestar = Enhanced Performance

Text by Cheryl Tay
Photos courtesy of Volvo

The thing about power optimisation packages is how it isn’t something tangible that you can see or touch. That is one of the challenges that Magnus Skeppstedt, R&D director at Polestar Performance faces.


Polestar Performance is Volvo Cars’ official motorsport and performance partner and exclusive supplier of Volvo Cars’ authorised performance products. They offer performance upgrades for Volvo cars that are installed only by authorised Volvo retailers.

Skeppstedt said, “It is somehow difficult to talk to people about an ‘invisible product’. That’s why we recommend everybody to have a test drive to experience the enhanced driving performance. In general people are very focused on performance figures, but we know that a test drive can be more informative than a thousand words.”

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New Balance Minimus Ionix 3090V2

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My eyes are trained to spot pink from a mile (or more) away and when my eyes first set on this pair of bright pink New Balance shoes, I couldn’t resist asking to have a look at them. I was at the office of the PR agency that handles New Balance. Anyway, this range is the Minimus Ionix 3090v2 launching in July, but lucky me got a preview set to review! In pink no less…


This is the second generation and it serves as a light running shoe or a gym companion, though I have to take them off when I do my squats. I will be back with a more thorough review of it in a few weeks, after I’ve worked out with them longer!


Meanwhile, you can read the press release here:

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Weekly Fastest Fingers Contest

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Because you’ve been such great fans, I’m launching this contest where I will be giving away exciting gifts every Saturday at 12 noon (GMT +8).

Ranging from limited edition merchandise, autographed premiums to the latest issues of magazines, the game is very simple.

The first one to msg me in Facebook ( with his or her mailing address wins the weekly gift!

We start next Saturday – 29 June. Remember to come back at noon then:)

weekly fastest fingers contest

Permanon Great Singapore Sale 2013 promotion

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The Great Singapore Sales 2013 is here and Beacon Enterprise is having a promotion for Permanon!

GSS-01 - Copy (476x640)

PROTECT & SHINE your car for 18 to 24 months with 2 Permanon DIY Kits for just S$105 ( usual price is S$180). It is pretty easy to keep your car protected on your own with Permanon Platinum.

You will be entitled to a complimentary 35ml Fusion X3 for every purchase and this handy Fusion X3 can be used for:

- Stain removal
- Minor scratch removal
- Gloss enhancment with ultra slick feel on paintwork

Permanon DIY Kit

To understand how Permanon Platinum makes an essential protection coating for your car, read the brochure here.

I’ve had both my pink cars (the Lancer and the S2000) protected by Permanon, but you can also read about some DIY experiences from satisfied customers here.

Contact 93472184 or 97661548 to make your purchase now and quote ‘CT‘ for a special deal. While stocks last!

Read my previous Permanon experiences for the Lancer here:

PERMANON: A Car Grooming Solution for Busy People

Check-in with my CTmobile

Getting the CTmobile Permanon-ed again

Tips for driving in the haze

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Being at the wheel has its own risks as well, with the reduced visibility being the biggest concern.


Here are some reminders to help you stay safe while driving in the haze:

1) Be more aware of your surroundings.

Increase your alertness and situational awareness in order to avoid accidents. Channel all your focus into driving and prevent distractions. For example, keep your phone away.

2) Drive slower than usual.

Watch the speed and drive slower with more caution.

3) Keep a greater safety distance and do not tailgate.

Stay further away from the car in front of you than you usually do.

4) Switch on the headlights.

Turn the headlights on during the day if conditions are bad. This will help others to see you.

5) Don’t make sudden movements on the road.

If you missed a turn or couldn’t change lanes in time for your exit, so be it. You may not be able to see cars near you clearly and rushing out of a hazy fog like that may cause serious accidents.


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