RaceWorks Elite Racing Series 2013 Round 6: Alvin Koh Dominates

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The day got off to a gloomy start with rainfall and everyone’ spirits were hanging low. Thankfully, the rain ceased by late morning and the sun came out strong to dry up the track. Racing action begun at noon and drivers were eager to get going in the sixth round of the inaugural RaceWorks Elite Racing Series 2013.


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Gran SuperDrive: Members-only supercar club offers widest range of cars

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It might seem like another supercar rental business, but Gran Superdrive is actually a supercar membership club — the first of its kind in Singapore.

It launched Saturday with a fleet of 12 supercars including the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati — members of Gran Superdrive will have access to these cars for their usage.

This is the widest and youngest fleet of high-performance cars in Singapore available for rental.

Henry Goh, founder of Gran SuperDrive

Henry Goh, founder of Gran SuperDrive

But not just anyone can rent these babies. Membership fees start from S$10,000, with maximum bonus credits worth 60 per cent of this fee.

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Magnum Singapore launches Pleasure Store and new flavours Pink & Black

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A few weeks back, I received a really lovely invite in the mail:

IMG_20130716_185531 (640x640)


It was an invite to the Magnum Singapore event for the opening of their Pleasure Store and also the launch of two new flavours – Magnum Pink (pink Marc de Champagne) and Magnum Black (black espresso).

IMG_20130716_185800 (640x640)

I was highly impressed with the invite, which included a bottle of champagne, nail polish in black and pink, bowtie-shaped cufflinks in black and pink.

The opening of the Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store at Clarke Quay’s Central Fountain Square was held on 26 July, along with the launch of the new Magnum Pink and Magnum Black.

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RaceWorks Elite Racing Series 2013 Round 6 Preview: Team HB/HPI Singapore

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The RaceWorks Elite Racing Series has pushed existing teams to higher levels and also encouraged the formation of new teams. Team HB/HPI Singapore, one of the five teams, is not new and was formed in 2004 to promote 1/10 EP and Nitro onroad racing.

The team expanded in 2006 to include 1/8 nitro offroad racing and then in 2009, Team HB/HPI Singapore became part of the larger Juc Racing to cover other categories of RC activities in the region. Driving for Team HB/HPI Singapore are Allister Lim and Terence Ang, both of whom have been in the RC scene for some time.


Julie Chia of Tai Sing Corp, which owns Team HB/HPI Singapore, said, “We select our drivers based on their attitude, passion and experience as we believe such qualities will benefit the general hobbyists better. However this does not mean our drivers do not have good racing merits, all of them do have a profound racing merit, but it is our belief that in order to be a good brand ambassador, racing merit alone is not enough.”

“1/10 EP Touring has reached its peak in recent years and we hope that sending a team to the Elite Racing Series will showcase the higher form of RC racing to the public just like Formula One in motor racing,” she added.

As we head into the weekend for Round 6 of the Elite Racing Series, we catch up with Terence and Allister.

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NESCAFE Lee Byung Hun giveaway!

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Congratulations to the winners – Siew Gek, Xiaoling and Lewis!

I’ve already dropped you guys an email and someone from NESCAFE will also be contacting you.
Thank you for participating in this contest and do continue to support me!

Celebrating 75 years of heritage, quality and coffee expertise, NESCAFE,  which is said to be Singapore’s No. 1 coffee brand, has engaged Lee Byung Hun to be NESCAFE Singapore’s brand ambassador.

Lee Byung Hun

In conjunction with this exciting engagement, I will be giving away limited edition NESCAFE premiums and tickets to Lee’s latest Hollywood action comedy blockbuster Red 2!


Check out the new NESCAFE commercial “Conversations” starring Lee:

Now,  here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets to Lee’s upcoming movie Red 2 and NESCAFE limited edition premiums! The movie will be on 6 August (Tuesday), 7.30pm at Shaw Lido.

How to win?

Watch the NESCAFE commercial above and then tell me what the message of the ad is!

The best three entries win!

Send in your answers to info@cheryl-tay.com with your full name, age and contact number before 28 July (Sunday), 2359 hours.

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