OPINION: Guys, will you let her drive you?

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80506014_8Some males absolutely refuse to be a passenger in a car driven by a female – for various reasons. Some do not trust a woman’s driving skills, some think it is embarrassing to be seen being driven by a woman (especially if they hold a driving licence) and others just feel driving is a man thing.


Of course, some who do not have a driving licence have no choice but to let the woman drive them around, but I have come across guys who take over the wheel from the woman or even force their girlfriends to take public transport with them just because they cannot stand being in the passenger seat of a female driver.

What’s wrong with letting the girl do the driving?


There’s this friend I know who has a driving licence but does not own a car, while his girlfriend not only has a car but drives a nice BMW 650i convertible. Every time they go out, he insists on taking over the wheel and when she refuses, they end up in a huge quarrel. Another friend I have cannot afford to have a car hence thinks it is not necessary to get a driving licence and whenever he goes out with his girlfriend, they take a cab because he hates being driven around by her.


I don’t know about you but if I were a guy, I would think it nice to be driven around, unless her driving skills are so bad that your life is endangered. Cars have always been a man thing so it’s not that big a surprise that some people feel the driver’s seat is not for a lady. But I would think that in general, males would hope that their wives or girlfriends make better drivers so that they would take over the wheel instead, especially after a long day at work.


It’s not so much about being chauvinistic but more of the inferiority complex of the males. Some guys will just persist on taking over the wheel regardless of the type of car that his wife or girlfriend drives, simply because he feels insecure about her driving.


Yes, societal mindset stereotypes that women are generally not good drivers. That is probably why some men tend to think that they are safer being behind the wheel instead of being in the passenger seat of a female driver.


There are genuinely good women drivers out there, but some women think that the man should drive the car anyway and only take over the wheel when he goes drinking. Not wanting to be driven by a female can be a justification of the male’s superiority in a relationship, but I think most men will not mind being driven around by a woman if her driving skills are decent and confident enough.


To all the men who have always been at the wheel and never or hardly driven around by females, try switching seats – Who knows, you might end up preferring to stay in the passenger seat and be chauffeured around.

Cheryl Tay

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