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I have a secret to share with you today -

























































































a TECHNO fan!!!


Songs like Moonlight Shadow, Drive Me Crazy, Crazy Baby, Butterfly, Superhero Lover, Amor Infinitus and other tunes by Cascada, Groove Coverage or Masterboy never fail to put a smile on my face. I’ve never been to Sparks and have only been to Music Underground once, before it closed down.


I guess I’m more of a closet techno lover? 


Those who have sat in my car before would know though – some of you even ask me to turn off my techno music! Hmph!


I discovered techno during my secondary school days and I remember it was the Anthems that kept me going when I studied late into the night for my ‘O’ levels. Hey, these head-bopping fast-paced tunes were part of the process to scoring my 6 points (L1R5) for ‘O’ levels!


I lost my CDs of techno so I went on YouTube to search for the videos so I can listen to them as I work. I work from home and my door’s usually open, so my parents complained about the music being too “noisy and loud”. 




Listen with my new AKG headsets!


I whipped out my AKG K518 LE, Q 350 and Q 460 and tried them all – you know what? Techno has never sounded so good before. The sound quality from AKG is just superb – I felt like I was in a world of my own!

310106_10150359338907116_717062115_8859675_1880944740_n_copyI can’t stop smiling as I listen to my favourite techno tunes literally surround my head!


The K518 LE (LE as in Limited Edition) are closed-back earphones that have ear cups which really shut you off from the rest of the world and leave you to your music.


It fit my ears perfectly, but I had to remove the big earring I have at the top of my ear as it started to hurt slightly.

akg_k518le_3I remember it was only 8am in the morning one day and I was already on my AKG 518 LE, but I was bobbing my head to the beats and with my eyes closed I could almost transport myself into the night on the dancefloor… I didn’t even hear my mum calling me for breakfast! (Nope, the volume wasn’t even at half.)


Here are some of my techno favourites – they sounded fabulous with the AKG 518 LE; I felt like I was in a club!







One thing I like about the AKG 518 LE is how it can be “compressed” and packed easily so I can carry it around in my handbag. It has this unique 3D-axis folding mechanism that makes it really easy to pack it up instead of having to hook it round the neck. Do note that it doesn’t fold flat though.


Mine comes in purple, but you can choose from six other colours:



The closest to pink is the red one but I only had purple and white to choose from – so that makes purple the closest to pink then. *laughs*


Alright, back to my head-shaking techno beats…

AKG_K518LE_by_hekekeThe AKG K518LE is available at S$139.90 – You can give it a try at STEREO outlets first, any day from 11am to 930pm:


ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801


Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839


Support me on the official AKG K3003 – Sound of Luxury Blog!


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