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I don’t know how racing drivers usually feel the night before their race, but I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I know it’s just a four-hour endurance race but it is my first official race after all and I can’t help feeling some butterflies in my stomach!


The team – CTMC2! Racing – was officially formed on 1 May 2011, after the audition was held on 30 April. It’s been slightly over two months and we’ve been gearing up towards the race. Prior to this we never knew each other (ok May San was in some of my tutorial classes in NTU but we didn’t talk much then) and now we are headed towards what is possibly a greatest memory we will keep for some time to come.


I would like to thank Richard Chai of MIndCHIC! Club for stepping forward to support my dream and giving me the chance to form this team, Jamie for kindly giving me the the most important protection (my Arai helmet), Aire Pro Designs for the spanking hot design of my helmet, Asia Apparels for the beautiful embroidery work on the suits, DODO Fishball for the sponsorship, Desmond, Lawrence and Kenny for all the guidance, everyone who has given me tips, everyone who are rooting for us, the media who have been very supportive and lastly my girls for being with me on this journey. If I have left out anyone, my apologies – you are very much a part of this as well!


I’ve been waiting for this day – 6 August – and it’s finally here. I’ve endured horrible bruises, disgusting blisters and have also learnt a lot as a person. Getting to experience racing for myself would give me a different perspective when I write about racing – all with the aim of wanting to provide higher quality content for you my readers and supporters!

285262_237808406253404_131620790205500_748460_544544_nI just have one more story to write before I retire early for the night so I will be well rested for the race tomorrow. I’ve already gone through my checklist of things to bring and I will go through the list again tomorrow morning so I don’t forget anything.


Just in case you have time and would like to pop by Kartright Speedway (next to Arena Country Club, opposite SAFTI), the schedule is as follows:


12 noon – Driver registration

1.30pm – Driver briefing

2.00pm – Practice

3.00pm – Qualifying

4.00pm – Race

8.00pm – Chequered flag


My apologies if I won’t be able to talk to you when you are there… so let me thank you in advance first!

268597_237808336253411_131620790205500_748458_8105055_n We are ready to rock the track! ;)

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