The BMW i3

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The world, and with it the sphere of personal mobility, is in a state of ecological, economic and social upheaval. Global developments such as climate change, dwindling resources and increasing urbanisation call for fresh solutions. BMW i is finding those solutions. The brand stands for visionary vehicle concepts, inspiring design and a new understanding of premium that is strongly defined by sustainability.


In the BMW i3 – the first series-produced model by BMW i – zero-emission mobility in a premium car package proves to be a recipe for pure driving pleasure. The first BMW Group model running on electric power alone offers customers totally new and groundbreaking ways to experience driving pleasure, sustainability and connectivity on city roads. The visionary design of the BMW i3 showcases both BMW’s customary sporting capability and the efficiency of a four-seater with authentic clarity. Its innovative vehicle concept, including a passenger compartment made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), combines lightness, stability and safety with extraordinary spaciousness. Meanwhile, the driver assistance systems and mobility services from BMW Connected Drive and the 360° ELECTRIC services – all developed specially for BMW i – turn zero-emission urban mobility into a compelling everyday driving experience.

The electric motor powering the BMW i3 generates a maximum output of 125 kW/170 hp and peak torque of 250 Newton metres (184 lb-ft). Its instantaneous power flows to the rear wheels via a single-speed transmission. The motor sources its energy from lithium-ion storage cells integrated into the car’s underfloor section. The significantly lower centre of gravity of the i3 – the result of the low, central placement of the battery units – and even weight distribution make an additional contribution to the car’s agile handling. The battery gives the car a range in everyday conditions of 130 – 160 kilometres (81 – 99 miles) when fully charged from a conventional domestic power socket, BMW i Wallbox or public charging station.

Infiniti Q50

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Q50 Design: An Inheritance of Riches

• How a trio of acclaimed concepts helped shape Infiniti’s all-new sedan 

Essence, Etherea, Emerg-E: three outstanding concept cars that over the past four years have helped define the seductive and individual appeal of Infiniti, the luxury performance brand.

And all cars without which the latest Infiniti, the all-new mid-size Q50 premium sedan, could not exist.

17472_INFQ50007_Final_lo (640x408)

From its dynamic headlight shape to its crescent-cut C-pillar and purposeful sporting stance, the Infiniti Q50 embodies many of the most acclaimed design cues from its concept-car forebears in a spacious four-door body.

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Free Red Bull Less Sugar drinks at Raffles Place

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The Red Bull Less Sugar giveaway at Chevron House which was postponed due to the bad haze condition back in June is now back on!

Red Bull is launching a “Red Bull Real Singapore Heroes” campaign from 29 July. This campaign is about recognising and rewarding ordinary Singaporeans who have made a difference to others through their own selfless and noble acts.

To kick-off the campaign, the early-bird MRT commuters are the first batch of Singapore Heroes whom Red Bull is celebrating. Up to 250,000 cans of the new Red Bull Less Sugar will be distributed to these early birds at Chevron House, from 29 – 31 July.



Early commuters travelling into the city by train on the mornings of June 24 – 26 will receive more than free train rides and have more reasons to rise and shine! Saluting early bird “heroes” who help alleviate peak-hour transport congestion, Red Bull Singapore has set aside up to 250,000 cans of the new Red Bull Less Sugar worth $500,000 and other perks to be given out free at Chevron House, outside Raffles Place MRT.

Red Bull Less Sugar (520x640)

Early commuters can grab free cans of the new Red Bull Less Sugar from the Red Bull roving team between 7:00 – 8.00am during these first three days of the free rides initiative for an instant “perk-me-up”. To help keep energy levels up through the day, Red Bull will continue the giveaway at the heart of the CBD during lunch hours from 12:00 – 2:00pm, together with fun games and great prizes! Red Bull ambassadors will also be visiting selected offices in the Raffles Place area during working hours to ensure that everyone receives their own energy boost!

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The GTI Fast Lane

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How fast can fun get?

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI has a top speed of 244 km/h. Not many drivers would be brave enough to try and reach it, but now everyone can experience a whole lot of fun at a fraction of that speed – thanks to the GTI Fast Lane.

GTI Fast Lane 1 (640x427)

Following up on the official launch of the new Golf GTI on 6 July 2013, Volkswagen Singapore has created the GTI Fast Lane. A first-of-its-kind, high-velocity slide located in the heart of Golden Village VivoCity, the GTI Fast Lane is an exciting alternative to walking down the long flight of stairs linking the cinema’s two floors.

GTI Fast Lane 3 (427x640)

The GTI Fast Lane has a slide length of over 13 metres and it’s angled downwards at 23 degrees, allowing riders to reach a maximum speed of almost 15 km/h. It is open every Thursday to Sunday from 25 July to 18 August 2013 and access is free to everyone over 12 years old, regardless of whether they are Golden Village patrons.

GTI Fast Lane 2 (640x427)

“The new Golf GTI is all about driving enjoyment. With the GTI Fast Lane, we have created similar thrills that can be enjoyed in a unique and accessible form,” said Melissa Bell, General Manager of Marketing Communications at Volkswagen Singapore. “Whether you’ve just driven the Golf GTI or gone on the GTI Fast Lane, it’s hard not to come out smiling.”

Photos taken of the riders are uploaded to the Volkswagen Singapore Facebook page. The people with the best photos each week win great prizes from Volkswagen and Golden Village.

AVIVA stats reveal ladies are not the worst drivers

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We’ve all heard of that age old stereotype – ladies are worse drivers than men. While many might agree based on personal experience alone, insurer Aviva’s car insurance claims statistics from January – June 2013 tell another tale.

Aviva, who provide Singaporeans with car insurance directly online ( and via the phone (+65 6827 9953) found that, whether male or female, we are all equally susceptible to mishaps.

Here are five major findings from Aviva, which will make you rethink what really takes place on the roads of Singapore:

1. An equal amount of accident claims are made by males and females.
The long debated stereotype of women being inferior drivers can finally be tossed aside. Aviva’s claims statistics reveal that there are an equal number of accident claims by males and females (50% each). So gender aside, drivers should always practice safe driving habits – regardless of their driving experience and confidence in handling a vehicle – to avoid being part of the statistic.

2. 1 in every 5 cars meet with accidents yearly, on the road and off!
Statistics show that 1 in every 5 cars insured by Aviva have an accident and make a claim. Of these, 23% of accidents occurred on expressways, while 12% occurred even before the driver had left the carpark! Roads such as Upper Thomson Road, Bukit Timah Road and Upper Serangoon Road also made the list as the most accident-prone roads where mishaps occur.

The top 10 accident-prone roads – in no particular order – are:
 Bukit Timah Road
 Upper Serangoon Road
 Thomson Road
 Upper Thomson Road
 Braddell Road
 Clementi Road
 Yio Chu Kang Road
 Lornie Road
 Alexandra Road
 Balestier Road

3. Timing is everything, and weekend driving is not as relaxing as you might think!
Apart from where you’re driving, when you’re driving also makes a difference to the chance of getting into an accident. Close to half (45%) of accidents occur during rush hour, between 7 – 10 am and 5 – 8 pm on weekdays. Driving during the weekend is not an easier feat either. Aviva’s findings show that the average accident occurrence per day is the same for a weekend (14%) as it is on a weekday (15%)!

Mr. Pan Jing Long, Head of General Insurance, Aviva Singapore, suggests, “Try to leave more time for your journey so you’re not stressed. This is especially so during peak hour when there are more cars on the road and traffic is slower. Drivers who are in a hurry tend to be more careless or engage in reckless driving behaviour like tailgating.”

4. 1 in 5 claims are made against the driver’s own policy.
When purchasing car insurance, some Singaporeans may choose to opt for just third party cover. You might want to reconsider that – 1 in 5 claims are from drivers claiming against their policy for own damage.

Pan advised, “Weigh the premiums against the coverage. Third party cover means repairs for your own car aren’t covered. If you’re concerned about reducing out-of-pocket costs in such a situation, getting comprehensive coverage will give you greater peace of mind. Ultimately, even though premiums are higher for comprehensive coverage, they are manageable as they can be planned for,
compared to unexpected and costly repair bills.”

5. Keep your eyes on the road at all times – there’s a high probability you might hit someone from behind!
Accidents can happen in many ways. Aviva’s top four most common accidents based on their claims data are as follows:
 43% of reported accidents are from a front to rear collision
 17% of reported accidents are a front to side collision
 13% were part of a chain collision involving three cars or more
 11% report an accident from a side swipe (typically happening when two cars are both making a turn)

The statistics are clear – accidents can occur anytime, anywhere, and in many ways. It’s during these moments that the importance of a good, comprehensive insurance policy is evident, alleviating the pain of repair payments. With Aviva, assistance is also only a phone call away – a representative will arrive at the scene of the accident within 20 minutes to help you with the entire claims process, and
get you to where you need to be if your car can’t be driven. Even if it’s just a jump start or a tyre change that you need, Aviva provides free breakdown assistance or free towing services too!


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