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For the past 100 years, Nestlé Singapore has enriched the lives of Singaporeans with our extensive product offerings that cater to the varying needs of consumers of all ages, taste preference and nutrition requirements. Our new initiative “Enjoy an Appetite for Life” is to continue our promise of delivering ‘Good Food, Good Life’ to Singaporeans and bring to life our vision of providing Nutrition, Health and Wellness.


Central to “Enjoy an Appetite for Life” are 3 pillars which Nestlé hope will help inspire you to live life to the fullest.

1. The first pillar is ‘Goodness’ which is about eating well to ensure that we get all the nutrients required to fuel and energize our body. Eating well is not just about having nourishing food but also about enjoying a variety of food in moderation. Remember there is no such thing as good food or bad food, it is whether you have a good or bad diet, so don’t be afraid to indulge in an occasional chocolate or ice-cream. You can also add vegetables and meat to a bowl of MAGGI® instant noodles to make it a more complete meal.

2. Moving on to the second pillar is ‘Activity’ where Nestlé Singapore hopes to encourage you to take in a serving of activity. Get active with MILO®. Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good and help boost your zeal for life! Walk, run, cycle or swim, there are so many activities to choose. Or break out of your usual routine with an energetic and sexy dance work-out like Zumba or relax and tone up with Yoga.

3. Enjoy an Appetite for Life by including this third and last pillar – ‘Togetherness’. Humans are gregarious by nature. Enjoying the company of loved ones brings a wealth of wellness and balance to our hectic life. Take time to catch up with your loved ones and share a KIT KAT® or bond over a cup of NESCAFE® today.

“Through this initiative, Nestlé Singapore hopes that despite our stressful environment, Singaporeans can still enjoy an Appetite for Life. To enjoy an Appetite for Life does not require a lot of time, effort or money. All it takes is to make a conscious effort to inject doses of Goodness, Togetherness and Activity back into their life”, said Mr Valerio Nannini, Managing Director of Nestlé Singapore.

Nestlé Appetite for Life ‘Give-a-basket’ Facebook contest

From now till 31 October 2013, LIKE Nestlé Singapore Facebook page to participate in the ‘Give-a-basket’ contest where you can send your colleagues, friends, loved ones and even strangers a virtual baskets of Goodness, Activity or Togetherness to get their Appetite for Life going!

A. For your Facebook Friends and loved ones
Spread the love to your Facebook friends and loved ones by sending them a virtual basket of EITHER Goodness, Activity or Togetherness. Tell us why they need the doses of Goodness, Activity or Togetherness in their life and the best entries will win a real basket with Nestlé products. There are 18 baskets to be won weekly.

Activity Basket

B. For your Colleagues
If you think your office or department needs a little more Appetite for Life, tell us about it and stand to win free beverages and Nestlé goodies for you and your colleagues!

C. For a deserving Stranger
Whether it’s the friendly bus driver, cleaning lady at work, or a kind stranger, tell us why he/she deserves to enjoy more of life, and we’ll send them a real Nestlé basket.

Click here to go on to Facebook and get someone’s Appetite for Life going!

What’s in store for you when you go shopping for Nestlé products?

Nestlé gets your Appetite for Life going even when you go shopping. Here’s what you can expect when purchasing your next Nestlé products:

1. Starting from now till July 2013, receive exclusive premiums such as food warmers or glass bowl sets with the purchase of $25 worth of Nestlé products at participating retail chains such as FairPrice, Gold Storage, Giant and Sheng Siong.

2. Come the month of June, start shopping for Nestlé products at one of Giant or Sheng Siong outlets and you may just be lucky enough to walk off with a real Appetite for Life basket packed with Nestlé goodies. Our surprise to you can happen at any Giant or Sheng Siong outlets islandwide and at any time of the day in the month of June only.

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