My lil’ Lancer gets new Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres!

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It’s been three years since I last changed the tyres on my humble Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.6 (A) sedan. That’s very dangerous because the tyres have hardened and in times of rain I fear the roads most as my tyres slip and slide on the wet ground.


Finally, my lil’ Lancer gets new tyres to brave the roads of Singapore: the Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip!


Launched in Q4 last year, the Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip tyre is available in 17 sizes in 45 – 65 series, 15-17 inch rims with V, W and Y speed ratings, and was sold in stores locally from October 2010.


Goodyear Singapore even had an islandwide campaign on 100 new Hyundai Sonata Comfort Cab taxis – all of which were decked out in eye-catching Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip visuals – until February early this year.


The EfficientGrip is the brand’s quietest and most comfortable tyre ever. Engineered with advanced Quiet Tred technology, road noise is minimised for a peaceful ride without compromising on safety – a hallmark of all Goodyear tyres. Designed for luxury car drivers in Singapore, the new Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip provides solitude in the car as drivers take this time to slow down and catch their breaths between their appointments.


I had my tyres changed at Hock Tyre located at 93 Kallang Way 3 – Situated at the corner of the lane, it is highly visible and donned in the signature blue and yellow Goodyear corporate colours that you will not be able to miss it.




I was quite excited – it felt like my car was on its way to buy new shoes, ones that would assure me safety and confidence on the road.



Having spent a day at a tyre workshop (at City Auto Tyre) before, the tyre changing process is not new to me.


Tearing away my old tyres, the rims had to be removed first (dismounting), before being fixed on with the new tyres (mounting). Mounting and dismounting of a tyre is done when a tyre is being changed, ie. to attach the tyre to the wheel or to remove the tyre from the wheel.





Part of the process of mounting a tyre involves the balancing of the tyre where lead weights are then used to resolve any imbalance. So after the bout of tyre balancing, the tyre is ready to be fixed back onto my car.


Yes yes, I know my car is completely stock (except for a strut bar that aids cornering so much more now) and is in deep need for at least prettier looking rims. The reason why I leave my car stock is because I’m afraid to get started – once you start modifying you can’t stop. Anyway, I digress.


The tyres were polished so bright and shiny that I felt embarrassed about my car not matching up. Immediately going behind the wheel, I felt a surge of confidence because a) I believe in Goodyear tyres and b) I read so much about the EfficientGrip that I am giving it my vote of confidence hence choosing to fix it onto my car.


The first thing I immediately noticed is the reduction in tyre noise – which is very important to me because I used to have to turn up my radio louder to hear my favourite songs and that’s not good for my concentration and/or my ear drums.


It has been a week since I had the tyres on and I am no longer scared of driving on rainy days. I’ve had a few close calls the last few months (when Singapore kept having heavy rain and flash floods) with my rear tyres slipping out from under the car and causing me to lose control of the car momentarily.


I will be sharing my EfficientGrip experience with you as the tyres settle in and get used to my car as well as my driving. Besides the wet performance, I am also monitoring the fuel economy and other performance aspects of the tyre.


Meanwhile, here’s more information on the tyre:


Long Lasting Quiet Ride

Thanks to Quiet Tred technology, Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip is capable of providing a long lasting quiet ride. A closed shoulder design helps to reduce both tyre wear and audible radiated noise from both inside and outside of the car.


A balanced block distribution facilitates smoother tread block entering the ground for lower impact noise. The perpendicular edge blading gradually reduces the block stiffness, lowering the block vibrations and reducing the radiated noise.


Smooth and Comfortable

Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip is built with an active vibration dampening carcass. A stiff base under the tread and an absorbing rubber gum strip soaks up the tyre vibrations, smoothening out road irregularities.


Based on internal subjective, the Eagle EfficientGrip proved to be Goodyear’s quietest and most comfortable tyre ever, after interior and exterior instrumented noise tests against other leading Goodyear tyres in its class under urban driving conditions were done.


These noise tests were conducted on size 205/55 R16 by the company’s GIC*L Product Performance Department in Thailand.


Maximum Grip for Ultimate Control

Providing ultimate control, The Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip delivers rock-solid vehicle stability suitable for all-year round driving conditions and reduced wet-braking distances.


A high number of biting edges grip the road surface for greater traction, as the tyre is built with the maximum ratio of blading in the contact patch to achieve safer cornering and maximum grip in all driving conditions.


Based on external wet-braking performance tests, Eagle EfficientGrip outperforms a leading competitor in its class. This wet-braking test was conducted by TÜV SÜD Automotive GmbH in Mireval, on size 205/55 R16 on a low mu wet asphalt surface.


Results showed that Eagle EfficientGrip provided reduced wet-braking distances of up to 1.7 metres versus a leading competitor.



Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip is composed of a high-loaded silica blend which reduces the friction between rubber molecules, resulting in less energy loss and lower rolling resistance.


The stiff base under the tread prevents road-induced block movements, thereby reducing the overall tire vibration. The resulting benefit is a measurable reduction in the consumption of fuel.

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