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Mentos celebrates Singapore’s birthday with a  National Day Proposal: Finland, will you marry me?

Mentos National Day Proposal Facebook Profile PictureThis National Day, Mentos is launching a  National Day Proposal (NDP)… a proposal from Singapore to the country of…Finland.

In celebration of National Day, the Mentos ‘NDP’ coincides with the launch  of the Mentos ‘I Love SG’ commemorative pack for the second year running.

The ‘NDP’ from Singapore to Finland is all part of a cheeky proposal to get  Singapore more land.

Mentos creative agency BBH Asia Pacific has released a music video with a proposal: Finland, will you marry me?

This year’s National Day campaign comes a year after the Mentos National  Night campaign rallied for Singaporeans to address a national issue of the country’s declining birthrate by ‘doing their duty’ on national night.

This year, Mentos is once again giving a fresh take on the national day celebrations by drawing attention to an important social issue: Singapore’s increasing land and space constraints.

Which is why Mentos is giving our small island a tongue-in-cheek over-the top music video proposal to Finland that gives new meaning to the initials  NDP.

As of May 2013, Singapore’s population was at 5,460,302 and its landmass 687 km² while Finland’s population was at 5,432,305 million with a landmass of 338,424 km². I rest our case.

Said Maurice Wee, Creative Director, BBH Asia Pacific: “The National Day Proposal is an epic plan to get Singapore more land by
asking Finland to marry us.Why Finland? We have so much in common. We’re both rich and both well educated; And we’d like some of that land. I think Fingapore rolls offthe tongue quite nicely”

Disclaimer: The Mentos National Day Proposal is not a Singapore government-funded  initiative and has been made solely for entertainment purposes.

Watch the Mentos National Day Proposal:

Mentos I Love SG-thumb-400x67-82583

A snippet from the ‘NDP’ music video

You can call me SG or Lion City. I’m a small country with a big GDP.
I’m filling up fast; it’s getting too cramped.
I need to expand, put some load in your land.
My permanent summer, be perfect for your winter.
Let’s get together, mix it up like NEWater.
Damn girl, ‘cause Finland I wanna be your man.

I need you, like curry needs prata.
Every day and night, 24 hours like Mustafa.
Like Santa Claus, I wanna park my sleigh right in ya.
Hear my lion roar, you be screaming,Singapura!”

Chorus 1:
Please understand, this ain’t no one-night stand.
I want your land, but I’ll do it like a real man.
This is my National Day Proposal. Finland, will you marry me baby?
Finland, will you marry me baby?
Suomi-neito, tuletko vaimokseni?

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