Make the Sacrifice Worth It

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I wrote this note slightly over a year ago, about making sacrifices and making sure you make your sacrifices worth. I read it again and felt every ounce of the pain as if it just happened yesterday, or this morning. I thought I would share this note again with you. At that time I was going through the biggest heartbreak of my life and the relationship came down to a choice between work and love. My work is not just any work, but it is my dream, my passion and not something that I can just give up, be it in part or entirely. I’ve made many sacrifices for this dream of mine and I foresee many more to come. I’ve come this far… Cheryl Tay is here to stay.


You know how sometimes in life you just have to make certain sacrifices, as much as you hate to? 

Having the power to make your own choice means having to make sacrifices as you just cannot have the best of everything. 

For example, you are deciding between a new brake system or suspension system, and you can only afford one of the two – what do you do? You’ll have to choose one and then wait till you save up enough for the other. 

A sacrifice can be as simple as that. 

There are so many things that I would like to be able to do, far exceeding my own limits, but I am aware of my capacity and how much I can handle. 

Self-sacrifice is part of decision-making and often enough, it’s not making the decision that’s difficult, it’s living with the decision you made that’s toughest. 

Giving up something because you know it’s the right thing to do or leaving someone behind because you know in your heart that’s only right – that’s sacrifice. 

Like how I have a friend who loves his Audi S5 to bits and has forked out substantial amounts of his savings just to acquire and maintain the car. Alas, he lost his job and as much as he wants to keep the car, he knows he has to let it go because it is not within his realistic means to continue having it. 

The value of sacrifice is huge, whether it’s a small gesture or a life-altering action on your part. The impact of the decision might have a tremendous effect on your life and the people around you. 

Some sacrifices are painless, whilst others stab you right in the heart. 

There are people out there who sacrifice some of their own happiness out of selflessness so that others can have greater happiness. 

Knowing that it will make someone we love much happier means having to experience a lot of personal hurt and pain, but how much is too much? 

Think of a relationship that means a lot to you – it can be with your spouse/wife, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your boss, your parents, your siblings, your best friend or your car! 

Have you ever been put in a situation where you had to sacrifice some of your happiness just so the relationship can improve? Do you remember exactly what you did in the name of sacrificing your personal happiness? 

Ultimately, you have the freedom to make your own choices, as long as you can live with the consequences. 

But whatever it is, however painful it is, just make sure of one thing – make the sacrifice worth it. 

By Cheryl Tay

Cheryl Tay

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Singapore’s only female full-time motoring and motorsports photojournalist. Independent automotive consultant and prominent local motorsports personality Cheryl Tay is uniquely passionate about all things cars and motorsports. She also has a strong passion to share her interest and knowledge, hence having a dream to become the ‘Oprah Winfrey of cars and motorsports’ and create a multimedia platform for her sharing. - A female in a male-dominated world, Cheryl Tay is Singapore’s only female full-time motoring journalist and motorsports blogger and she regularly writes for prominent titles in Singapore, Asia and internationally. (See full list of titles that Cheryl Tay writes for here.)

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